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Trashy Tacos

August 1, 2010

Illegal Immigrants leave tons of trash in Arizona desert, devastating environment
Article: Daily Caller

blockquote>“Arizona has large cities in proximity to the border, which makes passage logistically easier. In New Mexico it is harder to blend in because the closest city is in El Paso, Texas.”

In 2009, Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn introduced an amendment to relax border patrol restrictions in wilderness areas. However, it was rejected in conference. “The government’s policy is 180 degrees in opposition to common sense and the situation on the ground,” Coburn’s communications director, John Hart, told TheDC. “The government’s effort to protect the environment is causing environmental destruction. The policy of not allowing the Border Patrol to patrol wilderness areas has allowed drug cartel members and illegal immigrants to trash the environment we are wanting to protect.”

Bishop said that the litter is just a part of the problem. He said fundamentally, allowing the illegal border crossings to continue is simply inhumane. “If you like illegal drugs, if you like prostitution rings, if you like women being raped, then just sit back and say everything is fine and don’t do anything about it. But we need to stop it, in the name of humanity, we need to stop it,”

Read the rest: Daily Caller

How funny. The very same ecotards who insist that the environmentz is moar importantz than human developmentz; the same ones who want to tax us based on our “carbon footprints”; the ones who believe in the religion of Global Warming… are usually the same liberal loons who think that illegals should be given American rights, without accepting and abiding American law…

Those liberal loons who can’t see the damage being done not only to our economy AND our sovereignty and the burden being placed on our education system, public services (police officers, emergency responders, border patrol, firefighters) are also damaging our planet. (Hardly, but they sure are filthy pieces of organic matter, are they not? You can say they aren’t, but you’d be a liar.) At least it’s something to keep the state probationers occupied… yes?

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  1. Linda permalink
    August 2, 2010 7:25 pm

    As far back as two years ago: a friend sent me a video done by the Minutemen militia out in the desert. The video showed exactly what is seen in the photos making the circuit on line. I guess no one paid as much attention as they should have. The Minutement were out there to document the horrible environmental situation and to try to mitigate it by doing as much clean up as they could. But the swath of filth and trash in the desert is too much for one group to have cleaned up and the filth who are bringing into the desert are coming and have been coming in by the many thousands for years. What they have left behind should be cleaned up by chain gang illegals who have been arrested before they are deported with a swift kick in the butt.

    You should see what some of them leave behind in places where people have rented to them. I witnessed one such property in Manhattan, Kansas, when one of the slum lords in Manhattan Kansas tried to show us one of his houses as a possible rental where some guys were staying. This guy was actually going to try to rent this piece of crap out for 1400 dollars a month!
    Anyway, these guys were due to leave in two weeks, since their temporary work there was done; and I told him no matter what he did to that house after they left; that I would never rent it. There were 12 of them living there, and it was a royal nasty mess. The whole house was in bad shape, not just dirty, but not well maintained. I also interviewed a neighbor later after he left, and they told me none of these guys could even speak English. I also found out the landlord had hired them to work on some of his construction sites.

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