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Haha, I’m updating.

July 26, 2010

Site note: Apparently you can abscess your friggin’ jaw. Didja know? I NEVER KNEW!! Know how I found out? My goddamn face exploded, that’s how. CT scans are weird. They make you feel like you peed yourself and like your throat has a sunburn. Anyways, nobody wants to hear about my illnesses. Ugh. Waiting for that bill from the ER… at least I got sick BEFORE they socialized medicine… and actually got treatment in a timely manner.

It’s just been so insane lately. Black Panthers, racism this, racism that, we’re all racists, the world is doomed.

There’s just so much to write about, and NONE of it is GOOD. Wouldn’t it a breath of fresh air to pop over here and read something jolly or FUN? Well, I guess until election time, you’re all going to assume that I am a miserable turd who blogs about how horrible everything is. Sorry.

“The number of conservative people who want to go easy on Mrs. Sherrod and dump on Brietbart shows just how much power the left has at manipulating our behavior. Still to this day it is extremely difficult to get a unified condemnation of racial bigotry when the offender is a far left socialist.” – comment at Gateway Pundit

In response to this video: (context is everything):
(Tip o-the hat to a good friend whose name I can’t mention or link to here.)

So, what’s the biggest political/social issue on your mind? Why? Where do you stand? Why?

I’m going to post a silly little thing that happened to me. Someone was bein’ all ~edgy because — well, you’ll see later.

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  1. July 26, 2010 1:22 pm

    Hi DangerB,
    A little something to cheer you up.

    Bob A.

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