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BHussein: The Biggest Anti-Semite…Extraordinaire

April 11, 2010

MSM, American Jews Look the Other Way As Obama Wages Diplomatic Jihad Against Israel
Article: Big Journalism – By Pamela Geller

Barack Obama has found yet another way to express his special brand of anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel – while the mainstream media looks the other way. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday dropped out of Obama’s 47-nation nuclear security summit, after discovering that Israel was going to be pressured there to sign on to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which would drastically weaken Israel’s defenses.

And you won’t find it in the American press, but the Israeli publication NRG/Maariv reported Wednesday that employees of Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor are now being denied entry into the United States. Do they have criminal records? Terrorist connections? Do they beat, murder and rape their people marching for freedom, as does Iran, a terrorist state Obama is effectively helping go nuclear?

No. These Jewish scientists and plant workers want to come to America to study nuclear engineering, chemistry and physics. But Obama won’t let them in, just because they work in a nuclear plant in the Jewish homeland.

Perhaps Obama is importing Saudi and Egyptian students to take their place. That should work out swimmingly. Or maybe he will bring in Iranians, like Mohammad Reza Alavi, the Iranian engineer who was convicted in May 2008 of stealing software from a nuclear power plant in Arizona. There have been other Muslims up to no good in nuclear plants, too. In October 2009, a Muslim nuclear engineer was arrested in France after it was found that he had made contact with Al-Qaeda. Authorities released few details, but did say it was a “very high level” case. Remember also Sharif Mobley, the American Muslim who worked at six nuclear power plants before being arrested in a sweep of al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen.

But Obama hasn’t made any move to bar Muslims from studying nuclear engineering in the U.S. Only Jews.

This is part of a larger stance. Professor Zeev Alfasi, a nuclear engineering expert at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, revealed that now the U.S. refuses to:

sell anything nuclear-related to the Dimona reactor…Radiation detectors, for example have to be purchased now in France because the USA refuses to sell these to Israel.

When this story broke, the Obama White House went into damage control mode. According to Ben Smith at Politico, “White House spokesman Bill Burton flatly denied the report of a change to U.S. visa policy,” and “the State Department is telling members of Congress, ‘The report is inaccurate; there has been no change in administration policy regarding visa issuance to scientists from Israel. We value greatly our academic and scientific exchanges with Israel and will continue to promote these important exchanges.’”

However, Rob Miller of JoshuaPundit, who first reported on the story in English, isn’t buying:

You’ll notice the White House spokesmouth doesn’t even mention Dimona. Nor does he mention the embargo on selling Israel even routine items to be used at the site.

Either the visas to the Dimona technicians were issued or they weren’t, and either the Obama Administration has an embargo on selling anything to Dimona similar to the Administration’s de facto arms embargo on Israel or it doesn’t.

Given the general level of credibility in this White House, I’m sticking with this story until I hear differently.,,especially since it seems exactly in character, given the way the Obama Administration has generally treated Israel.

This smacks of damage control.

Yes it does. Contrast this to Obama’s behavior toward Syria. Syria has aided Al Qaeda in Iraq and is today working on a nuclear reactor with help from North Korea. Numerous jihad terror organizations and individuals that have vowed to destroy Israel are headquartered in Damascus. The State Department listed Syria as a State Sponsor of Terrorism on December 29, 1979, and has never removed this label. This designation, according to the State Department, results in “restrictions on U.S. foreign assistance; a ban on defense exports and sales; certain controls over exports of dual use items; and miscellaneous financial and other restrictions.”

Or at least it’s supposed to. But not in Obama’s America. Within weeks of taking office, Obama announced plans to ease sanctions that had been put into place against Syria because of its involvement in enabling the global jihad. In October 2009 it came to light that the Obama Administration had played a key role in smoothing the progress of a trade agreement between Syria and the European Union that would mean as much as seven billion dollars a year for the slumping Syrian economy. The deal had been in the offing since 2004, but the Bush Administration had opposed it because of Syria’s ties to Hezbollah and Iran. Without asking for anything but promises in return, Obama dropped American opposition to the deal, and it went through.

When Obama restored the U.S. ambassador to Syria that Bush had recalled in 2005 because of Syria’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah and its role in the assassination of Lebanese politician Rafic Hariri, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said:

This strongly reflects the administration’s recognition of the role Syria plays, and the hope of the role that the Syrian government can play constructively to promote peace and stability in the region.

But what can Israel do to “promote peace and stability in the region,” as far as Obama is concerned? Die.

Barack Obama is the most anti-Israel president we have had since the State of Israel was formed, yet American Jews voted overwhelmingly for him. Even after he became president, many American Jews continued to support and defend him with Stockholm-Syndrome-like fervor. He assuaged their liberal guilt. He made them feel as if they were right-thinking, high-minded, and free of racism and bigotry.

They still love him – even as he has worked for the destruction of Israel, even as he grew ever more hostile toward Israel. You’d think some Jewish civil liberties attorneys might find this anti-Semitic approach to Jewish scientists unlawful, and file a sweet religious discrimination lawsuit against the Obama administration. Nah, they’re all too busy defending Gitmo detainees and helping Muslim airline passengers sue citizens for dirty looks.

The American Jews who voted so overwhelmingly for Obama could have seen it coming all along. But of course, the mainstream media didn’t tell them. Sarah Silverman expressed the tendency among American Jews to keep their heads firmly in the sand in September 2008 when she exhorted Jews to make “the Great Schlep” to visit their grandparents and urge them to vote for Obama: “If Barack Obama does not become the next president of the United States,” she declared, “I’m going to blame the Jews.” She even claimed that “Barack Obama’s foreign policy is much more stabilizing than John McCain’s, and much better for Israel.”

What do you think now, Sarah?

I traveled to South Florida days before the election to debunk the mythology of the Obama brand and Silverman’s demands that Jewish grandchildren bully bubbe and zayde into voting for Obama, but amid the mainstream media blackout, it was for naught. The spell was not broken – the media was and still is completely and utterly in the tank for this mysterious, charismatic chameleon. And so 78% of American Jews voted for Barack Hussein Obama to become president.

And now? “By their fruits you shall know them.”

And so we know him. The barring of the Dimona reactor workers is not the last surprise Barack Obama has in store for Israel. We should have seen it coming. But the Obama-bots in the media didn’t tell us. And they still won’t.

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  1. April 11, 2010 1:37 am

    By their works indeed…what we know of BHO/Lucifer is this he hates Israel plain and simple. He wants them wiped off the map, he just does not have the guts to say it out loud in public…so he does what all evil does when it thinks someone is watching…it quietly and methodically works to destroy that which it hates…it works in the shadows where undercover the of darkness and hate it can complete its task of death and destruction unfettered and with the blessings of those who also want to see Israel broken and bleeding. Make no mistake about it Israel’s head is on the chopping block and BHO/Lucifer is the evil that has/will put it there.

    • April 13, 2010 8:33 pm

      Hi JC, DangerB,
      As goes Israel so goes the United States. Europe will follow. All destroyed by Islam, Obama’s love for Islam. Unless removed Obama will destroy the world as we know it. He is already destroying our nation as we know it. First major battle, 11/2/10.
      Bob A.

  2. Frosteetoes permalink
    April 19, 2010 1:10 pm

    Hi kids!

    I heard from another who heard from another that the reason Jews voted for Obama was because they liked Joe Biden and believed that Obama would be gerschmoigadanana.

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