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Phuck You and Phuck Your Constitution. Phuck Your Country.

March 25, 2010

In a nutshell

From: Logistics Monster

“What Change Looks Like” Image Of The Century

THIS IS the image of the century to go along with the socialism ‘change’ that everyone supposedly voted for. I am assuming that this image sums up how most Americans feel right about now when it comes to the disrespect the dictator-in-chief and his motley crew in Congress have shown us and our Constitution.

I do believe this particular image should go viral as it will be THE REMINDER come the mid-term elections and beyond.

It should shine from sea to sea.

Whatcha think?

I think you’re right, my friend. I’ll do MY part to make this go viral – you bet your buttons I will.

(H/T BB and DaleToons. Folks – head over to DaleToons and show the love if you understand how important this image is!!!)

: For those that think that particular image is offensive and disrespectful, please be advised that the Monster does NOT respect this politician because he has not respected the American people. Young Obama started his political career by knocking his opponents off the ballot and never really letting the voters decide. Still think he’s cool?

January, 2008:
American Thinker:

Obama’s Alinsky Jujitsu

Hillary should have known what she was up against when she read up on how Obama won his state senate seat in Illinois.

Obama had returned to Chicago and practiced civil rights law for 3 years, when he spied an opportunity to run for the state senate. A longtime, widely-revered matron of the civil rights movement named Alice Palmer had held the seat for a number of years, but she announced that she wanted to run for Congress. So, Obama seized the opportunity and proclaimed his intention to run for Alice’s open seat.

Well, Alice lost the congressional race and decided that she wanted to hang onto that hard-won state senate seat. Most of the community leaders tried to persuade Obama to withdraw and wait his turn; he was a newcomer after all.

Instead Obama performed his first real act of political jujitsu. He sent his aides to the courthouse to carefully examine all of Alice Palmer’s signatures to see if enough could be disallowed to knock her off the ballot altogether. And indeed, some of Alice’s signatures were fake. The aides also found enough other fake signatures on opponents’ ballot initiatives to knock them off the ballot as well.

By the time Barack Obama walked handily into his state senate seat, everyone there knew him as “the man who knocked off Alice Palmer.” Quite a feat indeed for the newcomer, the young whippersnapper with the odd name.

What a fucking fantastic piece. I HAD to share it. Make it viral, kids!

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  1. March 25, 2010 11:59 am

    This picture should be Obama’s official presidential portrait that will hang in The White House.

    It truly portrays him, his feelings towards America and it’s people.



  2. March 25, 2010 10:27 pm

    I’ll post the picture and link back for your post.
    Bob A.


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