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Another Edition of Bush vs Obama:

January 28, 2010

Because the Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and Obamatrons can’t get enough of good ol’ President Bush.

Bust out your calculator kiddos. I know you’ll need it. Although I think the results will anger you.

Bush 2008: Term Auction Facility $2.9 trillion. Economic stimulus $168 billion. Bear Stearns bailout $29 billion. Student loan guarantee $130 billion. Fannie/Freddie $400 billion. FHA $320 billion. Auto industry energy efficient loan $25 billion. TARP $700 Billion. Remember that Democrats were in charge of Congress since 2006. They manipulated the market via Barney Frank with Fannie and Freddie and pretty much forced Bush to start all these bailouts. Reason? Very obvious a bad economy would make a Democrat look good.

Following? Okay. Here we go.

Obama: Money Market guarantees $659 Billion. Commercial Paper funding facility $1.4 trillion. Unemployment insurance $8 billion. AIG $152 billion. Citigroup $301 billion. Term Asset –backed loan facility $1 trillion. GSE mortgage backed securities $500 billion. GSE debt purchase $500 billion. FDIC guarantee $1.5 trillion. B of A loan-loss backstop $118 billion. Credit union deposit insurance guarantee $89 billion. US Central Federal Credit Union capital injection $1 Billion. American Recovery and reinvestment Act $787 billion. $4 trillion budget.

I know you Obamatron Libtards didn’t do the math. I did it for you.

Trillion: 2.9
Billion: 1772

Trillion: 7.5

Now if they get to push the following through will just push us right over the edge: Healthcare $2 Trillion. Cap and Trade $1.5 Trillion.

Which would leave President Bush where he stood
and will leave BHussein at:

Trillion: 11

Soooo Shut your fucking faces you incompetent dipshits.

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