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Revenge of Coakley’s Thugs

January 19, 2010

This just proves that when I said John Kerry needs to seek help and that he’s delusional; I was right.(see:

Where on Earth John Kerry gets the idea that it’s BROWN’S supporters who are ‘engaged in “bullying and intimidation tactics”’ is beyond me.

Big Labor in Massachusetts: Unhappy Days Are Here Again
Article: Big Government

Earlier today, two independent reporters in Springfield, Massachusetts attended a Martha Coakley for Senate event. Prior to the candidates arrival, several union members surrounded the two reporters. From one of the reporters, Erich Heyssel:

The mood when we arrived was tense. They seemed to be an unhappy group of people. Dour, even. There were about 100 people outside the Teamster’s Local 404 building and, another 100 or so inside. We started trying to film the gathering and asked some basic questions. We were told we had to leave.

When the reporters approached the headquarters, several individuals tried to intimidate and prevent the reporting of the event. The union officals refused to identiy themselves and kept pushing the journalists, while taunting them to leave. Again, from Mr. Heyssel:

We told them we were reporters. They didn’t seem to care. They just kept saying it was a closed meeting and we had to leave. It was weird. Even their attempts at intimidation were pretty weak. They just didn’t seem to have their hearts in it.

Unfortunately for these union activists, their disorderly and harassing behavior was all captured on film, from two points of view. Americans for Limited Government Foundation is responsible for providing non-partisan poll watchers and observers. The goal of the “Fifty Plus Individuals” is to observe and report fraud and abuse

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  1. January 19, 2010 7:23 pm

    Dear Voters of Massachusettes,

    You have it within your grasp to rescue our republic. We, your fellow Americans, are counting on you to do the logical thing and vote for Scott Brown. We need to look at where we are and where we are headed. We know where we have been, and to continue down this road of destruction is complete and total idiocy. We know that President Bush, the congress and the senate put our republic in jeopardy, and quite frankly President Obama and his czars are doing the same…only this time there is nothing or no one between us and extinction…save you the Massachusettes voter. Please I beseech you to vote for Scott Brown today. You, and only you, can stop the onslaught of tyranny that has reared its ugly head…here on the shores of this the greatest nation on earth. You, in Massachusettes are the home of the first American Revolution…make it so again let this be the election heard across America. Send our legislators a clear, concise, unified message…send them a message that they cannot be mistake or ignore. We here in the rest of America will forever owe you a debt of gratitude…because you had the guts and testicular fortitude to stand against the enslavement of America! God Bless America and God Bless the Massachusettes Voter!

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