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Donations to Haiti and a Humble Suggestion by DangerB.

January 16, 2010

Okay, we all know Haiti is in some serious trouble. Tragedy, devistation, death, hopelessness, and everything horrible in this world.

There are several things I wanted to comment about on this.

Every place I’ve been to has denied any “physical” donations such as clothing, bedding, canned foods, cases of bottled water, pots and pans, matches, flashlights, rice, basic first AID kits… bandaids, bandages, ointment, etc… Things for people who weren’t injured beyond the point of needing professional medical care. Socks, shoes, little things that we use every day that are often overlooked. I couldn’t find a place that would accept ANY of these things. We’re all feeling the economy, so money is out of the question for a lot of us. (Believe me – it’s over 8% of us, if you catch my drift…)

They deny these kinds of donations. If YOU know where there is a site that is working on getting these kinds of donations – shoot me the URL. (Or in true Joe Biden fashion; the website number).

Another thing; has a link where you can make donations… THROUGH the White House. Yeah, fishy. They SHOULD put a link to the Red Cross official website so donations can be made though THEM.

Jobs? Here’s a thought: Find as many unemployed Americans possible; who are willing to take the risk, time, and journey to Haiti – and put them to work. They can work as cooks making meals, they can help transport people to medical facilities, assist in removing dead bodies, they can assist in giving comfort, they can work alongside the Red Cross and the Military troops, they can work as assistants to the doctors and professionals they have there… the MORE PEOPLE we can help at this time in born Haiti and America – the better. It’s no secret that there is money left over from the “stimulus” that failed miserably. Rather than keeping it as a sort of “slush fund” or “stash” – use it to pay the unemployed people who are willing to go to Haiti and help. We can’t ALL be Brads and Angelinas.

Not only will that
a) Speed up rescue efforts in Haiti.
b) Give semi-temporary jobs to A LOT of Americans who are willing to help.
c) The money paid to these people would have to, as always, be taxed. Money for the Gov’t.
d) Stimulate the economy

but it would be an incredibly AMERICAN thing to do. To go over to another nation in their time of need and
do everything in our power to help. Also, people participating in “DangerB’s Brilliant idea” would receive training from the Red Cross such as basic first aid, CPR, etc… AND AND AND; These people could donate BLOOD while they’re there. Say, if I were to go, if there was a program like the one I’m suggesting here, I could donate blood as often as I’m able since I have UNIVERSAL blood.

Just some thoughts.

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  1. January 18, 2010 7:54 pm

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  2. January 18, 2010 11:34 pm

    Jobs? Here’s a thought:

    Don’t bring any Haitians here and send back those that are not American citizens and let them help clean it up. I could donate a lot of clothing, but have no money to spare.

    Bob A.

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