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Democrats Seem to LOVE Their Terrorists.

January 15, 2010

Top Obama Aide John Brennan Obstructed Various US Government Plans to Kill Osama Bin Laden
Article: Associated Content

Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism aide, John Brennan, obstructed various US government plans to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden when he was the CIA chief of station in the Arabian Peninsula. That is, at least, if you believe the accusations coming out of the mouth of a very reliable and honorable source, anyway. The man behind the accusation against John Brennan is none other than Dr. Michael Scheuer, whom astute readers will know is a regular contributor on FNC, the author of a few foreign policy books critical of the US’ attempts to deal with terrorism, and the former head of the CIA unit established to get Bin Laden. This doesn’t surprise me and in fact corresponds with what I’ve dug up about Brennan’s doubtfulness as a competent anti-terror adviser.

In an O’Reilly Factor exclusive, Dr. Scheuer alleges that John Brennan was instrumental in obstructing a plan devised by himself and a few, other CIA agents to kill or capture Bin Laden in Afghanistan. As a very special footnote of interest, one of the CIA agents who developed something like 14 different plans to get Bin Laden between 1998 to 2001 was actually one of the agents murdered in the very unfortunate December 30, 2009, suicide bombing on the CIA base in Afghanistan that was in the news just recently. This now-deceased agent, together with Scheuer and other CIA agents, developed one such plan to go after Bin Laden in 1998—but now, enter John Brennan and the rest of the weak-on-terror terror-enablers at the Clinton Administration.

In 1998, Brennan together with former CIA boss George Tenet and then-ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Wyche Fowler, actually got the ear of the Clinton Administration and misinformed them not to—I repeat, as shocking as it is, not to—protect the US from terror attacks, not go after Bin Laden, and, instead, rely on the questionable “allies” in Saudi Arabia to, ahem, handle Bin Laden. Yes, if I was being sarcastic here, then this may actually elicit a snort of laughter from someone, but, unfortunately, it’s the truth according to Dr. Scheuer!

Basically, all three claimed Saudi Arabia would “buy” Osama Bin Laden from the Taliban and then hand him over to the US! Insane to believe that, no?! The miserable fact that Bill Clinton gullibly bought this laughable BS of a “plan” to trust the Saudis instead is shocking, but cannot be disappointing since it merely dovetails with what we already know about the Clinton Administration’s indisputably failed approach to terrorism. It’s also a crying shame Clinton listened to Brennan’s misdirection because Dr. Scheuer says that the plan to kill or capture Bin Laden, devised by him and others, would’ve had a decent success rate of 30%.

Dr. Scheuer is also emphatic in his assertion that John Brennan ought to be held accountable more than anyone for this obstruction to a plan that had a decent chance of killing Bin Laden back in 1998. His reasoning is the fact that Brennan and company were presented around 14 chances to get Bin Laden but didn’t; the Saudis had a long, notorious track record of not helping the US after terror attacks in the 90s; and the Saudis also had a shameful history of withholding key, terrorist information from the US for years.

Dr. Scheuer also clearly believes that John Brennan is not the appropriate man for the job of advising the president on anti-terror actions because of his untrustworthy ideology. Scheuer asserts that the problem with Brennan is he’s too hesitant in taking the decisive steps necessary to aggressively go after terrorists. He also damns Brennan by condemning him as someone who is more obsessed with “politics” and not having Obama look “bad” instead of protecting Americans, which, ironically, John Brennan ought to be concerned with the most! As I exposed earlier, Brennan’s ideology should be viewed at best as highly suspect. Can you really trust a man with this ideology to do a good job on anti-terror policy?

The answer is NEIN.

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