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Citizen Wells: Putting it All Together

January 12, 2010

Saudi government, Saudis bought Obama 2008 election, James Manning video, Saudis bought Columbia University, Obama Columbia degree, Obama Harvard degree, Saudis bought large share of Fox network, Obama in Afghanistan
Aource: Citizen Wells

Many Americans were stunned and outraged when this news and photo of Obama bowing low to the Saudi king emerged.

BHussein Bowing to Saudi Kings

Now listen to Pastor Dr. James Manning, a man I have come to respect for his intelligence, articulation and patriotism.

Now do you understand why Obama bowed so low to the Saudi King?

Now do you understand why…..

Why Obama attended Jeremiah Wright’s TUCC church.

Why Louis Farrakhan attended TUCC church.

Why Wright and Farrakhan traveled to Libya and met with Moammar Kadafi (Ghadafi).

Why Obama did not take Federal matching funds.

How Obama stole the Democrat primaries and caucuses.

How Obama was able to utilize so many Internet and other resources to steal the 2008 election.

Why Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981.

Why nobody remembers Obama being a student at Columbia.

Why Khalid al-Mansour and the Saudis paid for Obama’s Harvard education.

Why Syrian born Tony Rezko made contact with Obama while at Harvard.

Why Obama wanted Gitmo closed and Muslim terrorists given US Constitutional Rights.

Why the Saudis paid for Obama’ grandmother, Sarah Obama to fly to Mecca.

Why the Fox network will not touch Obama’s eligibility issues.

Obama is a Muslim.

And the biggest why of all….

Why Obama has employed a legion of private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records.

Everything makes more sense now, doesn’t it.

God bless Pastor Dr. James Manning.

Well said, Citizen Wells.

I KNEW something was up when I blogged about the Saudis buying stake in Fox News here: Phair and Balansed. It’s no wonder even the most “fair” and “balanced” and highly respected news source; Fox News, won’t touch on the topic. That means you, Hannity. Beck. O’Reilly. But, they have bills to pay and families to support. I don’t imagine they’ll give up their jobs for the sake of reporting on the truth.

You see, people who demand to see Barack Hussein Obama’s records, including but NOT limited to his FULL FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE, ADOPTION PAPERS, and COLLEGE RECORDS, are pegged as “freaks” and “morons” and “un-American”. We’re called “Crazy”. Even worse? We’re called “RACISTS”. Just because we want to see the documents that prove that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT loyal to America and her citizens. To prove that that he has no legal rights to dismantle our country, destroy our dollar, control banking industries, spend our money faster than we can MAKE it, tax us out the A-hole, force us under a T-4 style health care system. It’s a HELL of a lot more than “sour grapes”. If it’s proven that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States of America; ALL OF THIS CHAOS can be undone. EVERY law he’s signed, every bill he’s proposed, every radical appointment he’s made, ALL OF IT can be reversed. We can STILL PIECE TOGETHER THE CRUMBLING REMAINS OF OUR COUNTRY. You hear me, Glenn Beck? You hear me, Ann Coulter? We’re not insane for wanting legitimate documents. We’re patriots, and you can take your bullshit and shove it. They’ve been silenced. Anyone with a decent platform… anyone with any ability to “sway” or convince or educate… they’ve been gagged.

Well it’s clear that he’s hiding something, and we just might know what it is. He’s property of the Saudis. Natural Born? Highly unlikely.

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