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Worst Person in the World VI

January 8, 2010

Another Edition of “Worst Person in the World” brought to you by

This Edition’s “Worst Person” IS: Keith Olbermann. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya.

Conservative radio host Neal Boortz stirred up controversy on Monday with a Twitter posting saying, “ObamaCare will do more damage than a successful terrorist bombing of an airliner… and kill more people as well”

All American Blogger sums up Olbermann’s idiocy just nicely:

Keith Olbermann Approves of 46,000 Dead Americans, Wants Even More Dead Each Year

There is a vacuum on the left. It’s where logic should be, but isn’t. Seeing nature abhors a vacuum, it has been filled…with lunacy.

For a prime example, I give you Keith Olbermann.

According to Olbermann’s logic, since 45,000 people a year die from a lack of health insurance and Boortz is against the current “reform” of health care, Boortz therefore approves of the death of 45,000 Americans.

While that is flawed logic, let’s use it.

According to an analysis by the National Center for Public Policy Research, the CAFE standards imposed by the Federal government on car manufacturers are responsible for over 46,000 deaths in America:

An extensive 1999 USA Today analysis of crash data found that since CAFE went into effect in 1978, 46,000 people died in crashes they otherwise would have survived, had they been in bigger, heavier vehicles. This, according to a 1999 USA Today analysis of crash data since 1975, roughly figures to be 7,700 deaths for every mile per gallon gained in fuel economy standards.


Moreover, the researchers estimated between 11,000 and 19,500 occupants would suffer serious but nonfatal crash injuries as a result of CAFE.

Olbermann, being the die hard leftist that he is, supports the CAFE standard because it will supposedly lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Using his logic, Olberman therefore approves not only of the deaths of 46,000 Americans, but of the countless thousands who have been maimed, paralyzed, burned or otherwise injured because of the need to meet these asinine CAFE standards.

Furthermore, Olbermann approves of the increased likelihood of death and disfigurement of American motorists that will be caused by the Obama administration’s increase in these standards.

…such increases have unintended safety consequences for the safety of drivers and passengers. The reason is because carmakers build lighter and smaller cars that burn less fuel to comply with CAFE standards. The trade-off is these lighter, smaller cars fare much worse in violent crashes, resulting in greater rates of death and injury for occupants.

The same Harvard-Brookings study found CAFE had resulted in a 500-pound weight reduction of the average car. As a result, occupants were put at a 14 to 27 percent greater risk of traffic death.

Passengers in small cars die at a much higher rate when involved in traffic accidents with large cars. Traffic safety expert Dr. Leonard Evans estimates that drivers in lighter cars may be 12 times as likely to be killed in a crash when the other vehicle is twice as heavy as the lighter car.

How many times was Keith Olbermann abused for him to become so dehumanized as to not care about these people? These are families being slaughtered, man! Where’s your compassion?

Let’s put this in language even liberals can understand. Those advocating these standards, those not only pushing the status quo but advocating it become even more dangerous, have killed over 46,000 Americans, and injured countless more.

If they were killed all at once, or even a hundred at a time, the liberals would have already passed legislation calling for the immediate redeployment from America’s highways.

Instead, since they die individually, Olbermann and those who ape him, approve their deaths.

All 46,000 of them…in America.

Remind me again…who are the terrorists?

Isn’t liberal logic fun?

Well, yes… it’s FUN until it costs human lives.

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