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December 11, 2009

Poll: Public wants Obama to stop blaming Bush
Source: Washington Examiner

Thus far in opinion polling, President Obama’s ratings have continued to hold fairly steady, bolstered for the most part by his extremely high numbers among Democrats.

In the latest survey from Fox News and Opinion Dynamics that trend continues to hold true. Ninety-three precent of Democratic respondents approved of Obama’s job performance compared to just 23 percent of Republicans.

There are varying conclusions you can draw from this disparity, but one data point that seems tough to dispute is that while Democrats seem more than willing to give the president the benefit of the doubt at this point, that reservoir of goodwill is not unlimited:

When asked if most Americans are happy today, hardly anyone ā€” just 2 percent ā€” think their fellow Americans are “very happy” and another 15 percent think they are “happy,” while 53 percent say most are “only somewhat happy.”

Some 27 percent of Americans think people across the country are “not really happy at all,” more than double the 11 percent who said so when the question was last asked (April 18-19, 2001).

In April 2001, at about this same point in former President George W. Bush’s first term, more people thought their fellow countrymen were happy. At that time, 6 percent said most Americans were “very happy,” and another 32 percent “happy.” Some 47 percent said most Americans were “only somewhat happy.” […]

By more than 3-to-1 Americans think it is time for the Obama administration to start taking responsibility (64 percent) instead of continuing to blame the Bush administration for mistakes (21 percent).

It will be interesting to see to what degree Obama’s personal popularity will be able to offset the above trends, especially if the economy continues to remain weak, as predicted by the Federal Reserve in its most recent meeting. The longer Obama stays in office, the tougher it is to blame former president George Bush for the nation’s problems.

Well, by the looks of it; he’s only got three years left in office if he isn’t… removed from office; and don’t go putting words in my blog. There are legitimate ways of removing a fraud. šŸ˜‰

However, it’s unlikely that BarryO; who has the mentality of a thirteen-year-old drama queen schoolgirl, will be stepping up and taking responsibility for HIS policies, HIS economy, and the damage HIS administration is doing to our country. He will continue to point fingers until his last moments in office.

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