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An Official Request by a Congressman to SEE BHUSSEIN’S Birth Certificate

December 5, 2009

What will Obama say to Nathan Deal?

Article: The Post & Email

Georgia’s representative in the U.S. House, Nathan Deal announced in early November that he and 10 House colleagues were going to sign a joint letter, asking Obama to publicly reveal his birth certificate.

The simple enough question was rebuffed and ridiculed by the Main Stream Media, and even the Savannah Morning News, as if a birth certificate was some sort of private journal or diary of past affairs.

The mere fact that the liberals and progressives ridiculed Nathan Dealwhose only interest is to quiet the nationshows that they have no substantive reason to oppose the request. It further shows that they know that Obama cannot oblige Deal and his co-signatories, for in Democratic circles nothing is a secret.

That’s not how liberals work, Mr. Deal. Sure, your intentions may be good, and yes, BHussein releasing his actual LEGITIMATE Birth Certificate WOULD silence those of us who ARE concerned… but he won’t. He has something to hide and he KNOWS it. What other explanation can there be?

What will Obama say to Nathan Deal?

The answer must come soon. Deal said that he was to send his letter after Thanksgiving. Any delay on the part of Barack Hussein Obama to oblige Deal, will only further erode his political influence in Washington, D.C..

Obama has been effectively checkmated by the concerted effort of public support, publicized lawsuits on the eligibility question, publicity campaigns such as those of World Net Daily and Charles Kerchner to put the issue in the face of liberals on a constant basis, and blogs and bloggers the world over.

If Obama obliges him, then the online image of a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) provided by his campaign will be proven a forgery, according to the consensus of opinion of citizens who have studied the images posted on the net and found some images of the allegedly same document, contain a HI State seal and some do not.

If Obama does refuses, however, it will only further confirm that he has something to hide.

Palins remark that it is a valid issue and Ogden’s resignation as Deputy U.S. Attorney General in the same week, following the sending of Nathan Deal’s letter, appear to be diagnostic signs that the political establishment understands the risks and imminent crisis about to break. The publicity garnered by the testimony of the U.S. Marine, who goes by the nik, Race Bannon, only further tilt the Obama regime towards political implosion.

Even the pulse of Obama’s political support on the net tells the tale: a lull and quiet among them posting comments at opposition blogs is noticeable. There remain only the violent, the perverse and the somewhat mad to carry on the cheers of “Change,” which were the mind numbing drum beat of the Obama for American campaign, just 14 months ago.

The political momentum of the nation now follows diverse roads to the same destination, and the resulting fireworks are going to be much brighter and invigorating than those of any Fourth of July in many a year!

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  1. Cuss permalink
    December 8, 2009 3:39 am

    Needs to be more than one! Needs to be every damn one of republicans demanding it!!

    • December 10, 2009 1:55 am

      Well, first things first. Get all of the frauds and phonies (cough RINOs) out in 2010; then maybe we’ll see some positive changes.

      The current state of our government? Fucking scary shit.

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