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Illegal Aliens: pushin’ ’em through.

November 14, 2009

White House to Begin Push on Immigration Overhaul in 2010
Article: NY Times

The Obama administration will insist on measures to give legal status to an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants as it pushes early next year for legislation to overhaul the immigration system, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Friday.

In an address at the Center for American Progress, a liberal policy group in Washington, Ms. Napolitano sought to dispel any notion that the administration — with health care, energy and other major issues crowding its agenda — might postpone the most contentious piece of an immigration overhaul until after midterm elections next November.

Laying out the administration’s bottom line, she said it will argue for a “three-legged stool” that includes enacting tougher enforcement laws against illegal immigrants and the people who hire them, and streamlining the system for legal immigration, but also what she called a “tough and fair pathway to earned legal status.”

A tough and fair pathway? Here’s an idea: DEPORT THOSE ILLEGAL SACKS OF SHIT and make them go through the LEGAL FUCKING PROCESS of becoming a LEGITIMATE, TAX PAYING CITIZEN. Or, we could take the DangerB approach to handling the massive illegal alien problem we’re facing:

With unemployment surging over 10 percent and Congress wrestling with health care, advocates on all sides of the immigration debate had started to doubt that President Obama would keep to his pledge to take on the divisive issue of illegal immigration in the first months of 2010.


Congress should be ready to move forward on immigration, Ms. Napolitano said, because the administration had made a “fundamental change” in security at the border and in cracking down on employers hiring illegal immigrants. She said that the Border Patrol had increased its forces by more than 20,000 officers, and that more than 600 miles of border fence had been completed, both milestones set by Congress.

“Let me emphasize this,” she said. “We will never have fully effective law enforcement or national security as long as so many millions remain in the shadows.

In the fucking shadows? IN THE FUCKING SHADOWS?

Yeah. They’re IN THE FUCKING SHADOWS, alright.

Under the administration’s plan, illegal immigrants would have to register, pay fines and all taxes they owe, pass a criminal background check and learn English.

Ms. Napolitano has been leading the administration’s efforts to gather support for the immigration overhaul, meeting in recent weeks with business leaders, faith groups, law-enforcement officials and other groups to gauge their support for the effort.

Morons. They’re all fucking morons.

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  1. Fishleg permalink
    November 15, 2009 9:28 am

    I got back into my old trade…painting (Lord, help me!) Just to find out that almost ALL the trades have been taken over by illegal aliens.
    Painting, roofing, drywall, framing (FRAMING for God’s sake..ya ever see a mexican city after an earthquake?) siding, ceiling tile. everything but electricians are now done by illegals.
    They have greatly reduced the quality, and now what was a $2,000 dollar job for an American tradesman has been magically turned into a $700 job thanks to these invaders.

    I’d love to go on a shooting spree, but that would be pointless; there is a constant flood of these unqualified aliens
    and the blame lies strictly on our UNCONSTITUTIONAL government for allowing..hell, ENCOURAGING these freaks to keep on coming.

    They often spy out the jobs they work on and later come back to these places to steal and possibly rape onr of our innocent American children.
    Think I’m bullshitting?? HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, it is just not often reported by the so-called news outlets.
    I could go on bitching about these assholes “in the shadows”, but why waste the time?? All I know is I have to work ten times harder to make half the money!
    THANKS, FEDS…You fucking jerks.

    • November 15, 2009 12:44 pm

      Excellent points, Fishleg. They have taken over most trades – and most people don’t understand that those jobs required skilled tradesmen. It’s not just arts and crafts. I’ve seen some horror jobs done by illegal aliens; and who can hold them accountable? Nobody. They travel in packs a lot of the time, and when they do they’re disruptive, disrespectful, and they harass and bother everyone around them. If I see one more goddamn sign printed in Spanish, I’m going to shit. Why do so many companies and facilities cater to people who don’t have any desire to become an American citizen, no desire to abide by our laws, and no desire to pay taxes and carry their fair share of the burden?

      They’ve already taken over the construction industry. I see and hear them working in restaurants… when they socialize medicine… I hate to imagine what it would be like if they started to take over the medical industry. Dr. Nick much?

  2. Fishleg permalink
    November 15, 2009 1:29 pm

    Let’s all go to the local mexican eatery and catch some third-world disease from an illegal that has never been checked out by a doctor! YUM.

    I got bad news for those “Americans” who continually hire these illegal aliens to save a couple of bucks…There is a Living God in Heaven, and He keeps tabs on every destructive decision you make.
    STOP HIRING ILLEGAL ALIENS, you dopes!Not even animals in the wild destroy their own homes.

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