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Mass evacuation bus…

September 30, 2009

An ambulance bus is a mass casualty, mass evacuation, mass decontamination, or mass quarantine vehicle for transporting large numbers of patients from a mass casualty incident. A typical ambulance bus transports 20 to 24 patients on stretchers.
Ambulance buses are used as mass evacuation vehicles, to transport large numbers of stretchered patients
The AmbuBus Kit (Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit) is an effective and efficient solution for mass evacuation and transport of special needs patients, casualties, and others who require non-ambulatory transport. Quickly and easily retrofit vehicles of oppurtunity into mass casualty transport vehicles. With only 1 palletized Kit (2 Frames), convert an existing passenger bus into an Ambulance Bus capable of safely transporting 18 stretchers and IVs along with 6 operators and their medical support equipment. The ruggedized and palletized crate allows for quick and simple logistics for pre-positioning and emergency response. The kit is all-inclusive requiring no additional tools for assembly.

Uh, so, what is it we don’t KNOW?!

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