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Michelle: Don’t Mention My Successful Patient Dumping Program – I’m The GOOD guy!

September 21, 2009

Michelle Obama Joins Husband… Misrepresents American Health Care System
Source: Gateway Pundit

“You lie.”
Michelle Obama joined her husband today and misrepresented American health care system to the nation.
Bloomberg reported:

First lady Michelle Obama sought support for the administration’s health-care plans from family advocacy groups and health-care professionals, saying the treatment of women under the current system is “unacceptable.”

As President Barack Obama campaigns to generate backing from voters for his health-care overhaul proposal, the first lady joined the effort today with a more focused pitch.

Michelle Obama said women are being “crushed by the current structure of our health care” because they often are responsible for taking care of family illnesses, arranging checkups and monitoring follow-up care.

“Women are the ones to do it,” she said to an audience of 140 people, including representatives from groups such as the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the National Council of Negro Women. “Mothers are the ones that do it. And many women find themselves doing the same thing for their spouses.”

Michelle forgot to mention that women actually have a better survival rate under our current system.
You’d think that might be worth mentioning?

The breast cancer survival rate is much greater here in the United States than in countries with socialized medicine.

In fact, women with breast cancer have a 14 percent higher survival rate in the United States than in Europe. Breast cancer mortality is 52 percent higher in Germany than in the United States, and 88 percent higher in the United Kingdom. Breast cancer mortality is also 9 percent higher in Canada than in the US. Less than 25 percent of U.S. women die from breast cancer. In Britain, it’s 46 percent; France, 35 percent; Germany, 31 percent; Canada, 28 percent; Australia, 28 percent, and New Zealand, 46 percent.

It’s easy to convince a bunch of mindless drones when you leave FACTS out and push bullshit through based on lies and fraudulent statements. Then again, maybe it’s not. That’s the thing about mindless drones. Selfish lazy shitstains with their hands out. Put those hands back in your pockets… You feel anything there? Change? At least BHussein came through on ONE promise, eh? There’s your change. Not go get a job and support your damned selves, you morons. What’s that? Can’t find a job? Stimulus package didn’t create or save a bazillion jobs? No? OMGZ!! GTFO! Anyhoodle, here are some MORE Obama lies. This time coming from the Sasquatch herself… the one… the only… MicHELLe Obama:

First lady Michelle Obama In 1996, she served as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago, where she developed the University’s Community Service Center. In 2002, she began working for the University of Chicago Hospitals, first as executive director for community affairs and, beginning May 2005, as Vice President for Community and External Affairs.

The White House, Democrats, and MoveOn liberals are spreading health care sob stories to sell a government takeover. But theres one health care policy nightmare you wont hear the Obamas hyping. Its a tale of poor, minority patient-dumping in Chicagowith First Lady Michelle Obamas fingerprints all over it.

The First Lady helped create a notorious program that dumped poor patients on community hospitals, yet the national media ignore the story. Imagine if her husband were a Republican. Dangerously close to patient dumping, a practice made illegal by the Emergency Medical Labor and Treatment Act, and reflected an effort to cherry pick wealthy patients over poor.

Mrs. Obama first hatched the UCMC program as the South Side Health Collaborative, which featured a gang of counselors whose job it was to advise low-income patients that they would be better off at other hospitals and clinics. The program was so successful in getting rid of unwanted patients that she expanded it, gave it a new name, and hired none other than David Axelrod to sell the program to the public.

Oddly absent from most of the unflattering press coverage of UCMCs patient-dumping scheme is any mention of the role our new First Lady played in devising the program. A laudable exception has been the Chicago Sun-Times, which reported last August that Michelle Obama — currently on unpaid leave from her $317,000-a-year job as a vice president of the prestigious hospital — helped create the program.

What. The. Fuck.

When are you morons going to WAKE UP?!

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  1. September 21, 2009 7:48 pm

    She’s another one of the many douchebags surrounding POS Obama.

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