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September 18, 2009

Worst Person in the WORLD Week Two:

Keith Olbermann

Olbermann: Wilson’s factual failure worse than his incivility
“Even Bush, an actual liar, was granted enough respect not to be yelled at during a speech”

More if Keith’s idiocy @ MSNBC

The 43rd president of the United States lied the nation into the war, lied 4,343 of his fellow citizens to death in that war, lied about upholding the constitution, and lied about weapons of mass destruction.

He lied about how he reacted to al-Qaida before 9/11 and he lied about how he reacted to al-Qaida after 9/11. He lied about getting Bin Laden, and he lied about not getting Bin Laden.

He lied about nation-building in Iraq, lied about the appearance of new buildings in the nation of Iraq, and lied about embassy buildings in nations like Iraq. He lied about trailers with mobile weapons labs in them, and he lied about trailers with Cuban prostitutes in them.

He and his administration lied — by the counting of one non-profit group — 532 times about links between al-Qaida and Iraq. Only 28 of those were by that President, but he made up for that by lying 231 times about WMD.

And yet not once did an elected Democratic official shout out during one of George W. Bush’s speeches and call him a “liar.” Even when the president was George W. Bush, even when he was assailed from sidelines like mine, even when the lies came down so thick the nation needed a hat he was still the President and if he didn’t earn any respect, the office he held demanded respect.

Hey Olbermann, I’m pretty sure you’re confusing the two administrations. The Libtards were MORE than vocal about their “Opposition” to Bush 43. If you want to talk about who needs to focus on “upholding the constitution” why don’t you spit BHussein’s dick out of your mouth long enough to see that he breaks the rules of the US Constitution on a daily basis. Also, before you go whining about WMDs, why don’t you focus your rage on the CURRENT administration and their EAGERNESS to GIVE our foreign enemies nuclear weapon capabilities while DISARMING US? Does that sound like something that a president who has the best interest of the citizens he WORKS FOR at heart? Let’s not forget about the whole “Yellow Cake”. Uranium. What’s that? You’re too stupid? Here,

I don’t remember Bush telling ANY lies about how he was going to handle al-Qaeda. He went out, sought the enemy, and with the strongest military in the world we kicked some al-Qaeda ASS. Sure, we never caught Bin Laden, but did BHussein not make the very same promise? Let’s also talk for a moment about the terrorists we DID capture. The ones we held in GITMO. BHussein’s extremist brothers. The ones HE’S SETTING FREE. The ones who are living a life of luxury in Bermuda ON OUR DIME. We can ALSO talk about the released prisoners that instantly returned to their terrorist “organizations”. This is all because BHussein is a terrorist sympathizer. I also want to point out that BHussein promised to “end the war” – yet now his administration is talking about sending more troops to Afghanistan?

“He lied about nation-building in Iraq, lied about the appearance of new buildings in the nation of Iraq, and lied about embassy buildings in nations like Iraq.” This entire statement, Mr. Olbermann is false. YOU are the liar here. When’s the last time YOU’VE been over to IRAQ to see the progress we’ve made in the war against radical Islam? Oh? Never?

YOU want to talk about an administration that DEMANDS respect rather than EARNING it – look at the train wreck we have in Washington NOW. BHussein has bankrupted out country in ways that we can’t even wrap our brains around. He’s caused unemployment to skyrocket – when he promised that if we passed “stimulus” unemployment wouldn’t reach 8%. In a LOT of states, unemployment is pushing 15-16%. Care to explain that one?

Just for shits, Mr. Olbermann:

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  1. Fishleg permalink
    September 18, 2009 1:53 pm

    Yay! Me first!!

    Olbermann is a vile pile of droppings.
    None of you can win…God owns America!

    • September 18, 2009 4:52 pm

      One nation… under God… indivisible

      with liberty and justice for all.

  2. Jon permalink
    September 19, 2009 4:19 am

    Whoop de do. You’ve found one or a couple of places where Olbermann wasn’t 100% correct. Your blind support of Bush and his passel of lies is so pathetic. (having voted for him twice, I finally found out what we was doing after the fact). Bush and Cheney trampled the constitution (“oh I’m not part of the executive branchh….I am part of the executive branch”) .Even Vincent Bugliosi (prosecutor of the Manson trial, and a Republican) went so far as to find Bush’s actions a la Iraq “criminal”. Bush wanted to go to Iraq from the START OF HIS ADMINISTRATION, well before 9/11. Those who didn’t follow the company line (Joseph Wilson, ambassador who said there was no truth to the claim of uraniium in Niger—-wife gets outed as a CIA agent by Scooter Libby) were soon gone…..Colin Powell, Paul O’ Neill. If one tries to be objective and say that both Democrats and Republicans have faults, the Republicans are the heavyweights. Democrats are a bunch of lightweights when it comes to bludgeoning the truth, sending 4000 to their death, crucifying any who disagree, etc. etc.

    • September 20, 2009 6:43 pm

      First, I’ve got to say – WordPress is on top of things. This idiocy you left as a “comment” was automatically marked as spam. I check the spam folder once a week or so to see what’s there – and bam. So, thank you WordPress, for knowing trolls when you see them.

      Also, I debunked MOST of what Olbermann said. He’s a joke anyway. Have you even seen his ratings compared to other similar programs? Of course not. Why else would you be so bent on defending his … name.

      August 30, 2009:
      1. Glenn Beck — 762,000
      2. The O’Reilly Factor– 757,000
      3. Hannity –691,000
      4. On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren—623,000
      5. Special Report with Bret Baier– 446,000
      6. Fox Report w/Shep Smith–418,000
      7. Larry King Live—378,000
      8. FOX & Friends- 357,000
      9. Nancy Grace – 347,000
      10. Anderson Cooper 360—343,000
      11. Campbell Brown- 337,000
      12. Rachel Maddow Show—279,000
      13. Countdown w/ K. Olbermann– 276,000

      Now, with that out of the way – Let’s address the “4,000 being sent to their deaths” crap you pulled out of your ass. First of all, if you’re referring to our Military – you might want to take into consideration that we, as a country, do not have a draft. Every soldier enlists KNOWING that there is a possibility they will be sent out to war. That IS, after all, the main duty of a soldier. – shows updates on deaths in “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan alone. Notice that in 2009 the numbers are the highest than in any other year. Why is that? Because our “president” is WEAK. How else can one explain the constantly recurring “deadliest month”s ever? Everyone knows it. The world sees it.

      Of course Bush wanted to go to IRAQ before he was president. The citizens of IRAQ were living in bondage under a hateful, murderous, tyrannical leader. They had no freedoms, they had no rights, and they had a shitty government.

      Also, nobody ever said I was a gigantic Bush supporter. I just know how to separate fact from fiction. He wasn’t a sissy like BHussein is. Also, how can you explain the fact that we haven’t HAD ANY terrorist attacks on our own soil SINCE 9/11 under the Bush presidency? Is that because our enemies saw him as a threat? Because he wasn’t a sissy little contentious objector? ding ding ding!

      If you look at the polls – majority of the military supported Bush and his policies. Now, compare it to BHussein. He lacks a LOT of support from our troops. Because they have a greater chance of losing with a weak leader – which is something Americans just don’t DO when it comes to war.

      You want to talk trampling constitutions? BHussein Obama wipes his ass on it on a daily basis – as if it were printed on toilet paper. You know – spying on everyday citizens for no reason other than to monitor those who oppose him; whereas Bush got slammed for “wiretapping” POTENTIAL TERRORISTS. THOSE who were suspected of endangering American Lives. Let’s also note all of BHussein’s unconstitutional CZARS. People who don’t need to apply for various positions – people who run various aspects of our lives – people who DON’T have to answer to us, who aren’t elected by us, but are given cushy jobs by the great and glorious Messiah in Chief himself. HE’S the only one they have to answer to. He also forgets that HE works for US. He is IN office to SERVE THE CITIZENS. Now, here’s a bit of the constitution for you: You might want to take a look at that. And no – it doesn’t just knock BHussein for no reason at all. It’s a very well written piece that appears to be unbiased. It also points out where Bush 43 has acted unconstitutionally.

      The difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to “bludgeoning” the truth is HUGE. However, you’re wrong when you say that it is the republicans who are the heavyweights. This administration alone has “bludgeoned” the truth more times than any other republican administration has in the history of America. Sure, you can pull out a couple of examples where republicans lied; take Bush 41. “Read my lips. No new taxes”. He lied. There were, in fact, new taxes imposed. However, when compared to the taxes we’re about to be stuck with thanks to the morons in Washington NOW – the “Bush 41 taxes” will look like pocket change.

      You want to also talk about crucifying those who disagree? How about Sarah Palin? How about her FAMILY? How about various talk radio hosts and select news sources? How about individual PRIVATE citizens? Being called “Nazis” and “Racists” – or being compared to the KKK for showing opposition to BHussein and his reign of terror. What about all of those “racist teabaggers” who opposed pork barrel spending at the hundreds of Tax Day Tea Parties? What about those “bitter rednecks” who “cling to their guns and religion”? What about the Black Panthers showing up at voting facilities to intimidate white voters? What about the recent comments made by the second worst president in American History (next to BHussein) Jimmy Carter?

      Nice try kiddo. 🙂

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