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A Thousand Words…

September 11, 2009

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  1. Fishleg permalink
    September 11, 2009 3:39 pm

    Danger B,
    That is a true gift you have.
    13 pictures sum up our dilemma perfectly.

    • September 11, 2009 3:42 pm

      Let’s hope there aren’t thirteen more coming our way.

  2. September 14, 2009 1:01 pm

    What are these photos supposed to say? That you think Obama is a terrorist? If so, you’re mad. If so, you’re so caught up in right-wing, racist nonsense that you can’t even understand the obvious.

    The obvious is this: America is one fucked up place, and Obama seems to the only American politician talking any sense. America needs to do more for its own disenfranchised, and for the disenfranchised of the world.

    Get real.

    • September 14, 2009 1:14 pm

      You drew your own conclusions on what the photos are supposed to say. I didn’t write any words to go along with them. You strung them together and took them the way you did. Funny how that works, huh? πŸ™‚

      BHussein might not be a terrorist himself, but he is a terrorist sympathizer. He loves his terrorist brothers. He loves the Saudi Kings – and he hates America.

      If you think I’m “right-wing racist”, you’re mad. The obvious is painted out clear as a bell. What am I not understanding?

      America isn’t a fucked up place. America is the greatest nation on the planet. It’s because mindless Obamatrons like yourself eagerly gobble up whatever nonsense that moron BHussein Obama spews out. Of course, believing whatever the media tells you IS much easier than doing your OWN thinking. Obama doesn’t talk sense. He reads whatever is on the teleprompter. Our “disenfranchised”? Who are you talking about when you say “disenfranchised”? It’s clear to me that you don’t quite know the definition of the term “disenfranchised”.

      Here, let me educate you kiddo:

      Disenfranchised: to deprive of a franchise, of a legal right, or of some privilege or immunity; especially : to deprive of the right to vote

      Who in America is denied these things? Well, better yet, who in America LEGALLY is denied these rights? Nobody that I can think of.

      Nice try kiddo! πŸ™‚

  3. September 14, 2009 2:25 pm

    I think it is obvious from your photo choices what you meant to imply about Obama.

    If you think that a photo of him dressed in some eastern looking clothes makes him a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ you are mad. If you think that all Saudi’s are terrorists you’re a racist. If you choose to emphasise continually that Obama’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama, you’re aligning yourself with a racist-right who think that the very common name ‘Hussein’ makes Obama a terrorist, which is both racist AND mad.

    By “disenfranchised” I meant that huge number of Americans who live in poverty, who are denied adequate healthcare and education, who are stuck in dead-end jobs that barely pay the bills, and who are encouraged to think that this is their own fault, or the fault of ‘socialists’ – i.e. those few like Obama who are trying to help them. It is not, of course. It is the fault of conservatives who work only for the middle classes and big business. I also mean that greater disenfranchised of the world, who are kept in poverty by American economic and foreign policy.

    Now, on a more personal note, let us turn to the lyrics of the Green Day song ‘American Idiot’ (available at

    Firstly, let us say that Green Day are not a right-wing conservative band. They’re working in a tradition of anti-fascist, anti-conservative, punk rock. Secondly, let us note that you are exactly the ‘American Idiot’ to which they refer.

    Released whilst the Bush Republican administration was in power (2003), they open:

    Don’t want to be an American idiot.
    Don’t want a nation under the new mania
    And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
    The subliminal mind fuck America.

    This is a comment on the ‘hysteria’ caused by the events of 9/11, which were subsequently used to justify a clamp down on civil liberities, and the invasion of Afganistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). Hence, the chorus:

    Welcome to a new kind of tension.
    All across the alien nation.
    Where everything isn’t meant to be okay.

    Things are not ‘meant to be okay’, because this hysteria or ‘paranoia’ allowed the Bush administration more power, and justified to millions of Americans the government’s unlawful behaviour at home and abroad.

    The second verse goes:

    Well maybe I’m the faggot America.
    I’m not a part of a redneck agenda.
    Now everybody do the propaganda.
    And sing along to the age of paranoia.

    Here Green Day, in antagonistic opposition to a conservative agenda, state that they’d rather align themselves with gay people (who the homophobic conservatives would call ‘faggots’) than with a ‘redneck agenda’ – a conservative, anti-gay, racist and ‘paranoid’ agenda.


    Don’t want to be an American idiot.
    One nation controlled by the media.
    Information age of hysteria.
    It’s calling out to idiot America.

    Green Day accuse the media of propogating this ‘redneck agenda’, spreading right-wing, reactionary (conservative) proganda, making an idiot of America.

    So, anyway, I know they’re your favourite band, but they’re against you: they don’t want to be an American Idiot.


    P.S. I’m against Obama because he puts a respectable face on a centre-right agenda.

    P.S.S. I’m not American.

    • September 14, 2009 3:01 pm

      LMAO. I can TELL you’re not an American. I could tell from the very beginning. Looks like I struck a nerve with some kid on the internet, huh?

      What you think is obvious, just might be the truth, however you came to your own conclusions based on the photos I chose to post. I’m glad they made you come to the conclusion that you came to.

      Him being dressed in Middle Eastern attire doesn’t make him a “terrorist sympathizer” – being sympathetic towards terrorists makes him a terrorist sympathizer. Him being dressed in Muslim duds makes him a liar. He claimed over and over again that he was NOT a Muslim during the campaign. Declaring over and over again that he was a Christian – until he got into office. Then he came clean and admitted he was a Muslim. So, hiding his TRUE faith makes him a liar – and also makes one think that being a Muslim has a bad image attached to it. Why would he lie about his true faith? Also, not everyone from Saudi Arabia is a terrorist. You came to that conclusion on your own. RADICAL Islam, RADICAL Saudi bigotry, RADICAL Muslims – those are terrorist. It’s a pretty simple concept, kiddo.

      So – if I refer to Barack Hussein Obama by his FULL name – which was given to him by his parents, I’m aligning myself with racist right wingers? Wouldn’t that make his parents racist and radical for GIVING him such a name? Would that make everyone who called President Bush 43 “George W. Bush” or “W” a radical leftist hater? Also, your the one that put the “terrorist alignment” to the name Hussein. I go to a Dr. whose name is Mohammad. Does that make him a terrorist? No. However, if he went around disarming American citizens, fueling racial tension, and abandoning American values and allies – then yes, perhaps he would then have “terrorist tendencies”. So, you’re the one that pegs the name “Hussein” as terrorist. By your logic, that makes you racist and mad.

      You’re also silly if you think that America has “disenfranchised” to the extreme extend you try to paint. The “poor” in America are the wealthiest poor people in the world. We have various government aid systems set up to HELP those who are down and out. Medicare, welfare, food stamps, donations, and the every day genuinely big hearted giving nature of most Americans. Nobody is denied health care in America. Those who can’t afford insurance CAN get the care they need at any E.R. – and with the help of government assistance. Those who are stuck in Dead-end Jobs are GRATEFUL for these jobs since BHussein came into play. Have you seen the unemployment rates since Jan. 20? They’re not going up, my friend. Obama is the biggest job killer this country has ever seen. So, is this the help you mean when you talk about Obama the socialist? How has he helped anyone? Can you give me examples, because I have yet to see anything positive come from any decision he’s made.

      Maybe you should take a class on economics because it’s quite clear that you don’t have a clue how the economy of America works VS the overall economy of the World.

      Also, I know the lyrics to American Idiot. It’s very impressive that you have the ability to use GOOGLE. I’m very proud of your accomplishment. I’m also aware of the meaning of the song. Doesn’t mean I agree with the message, but I understand it.

      Green Day isn’t against me. They don’t write music to please me – it just worked out that way. Nice try, once again, kiddo. In fact, here you go:

      “Still, Green Day isn’t shying away from controversy. ”Wake Me Up When September Ends,” originally about the death of Armstrong’s father, has been transformed into something of an antiwar statement, drawing criticism in some circles. Fox TV pundit Brian Kilmeade recently questioned why Green Day should be one of the big-name musical acts celebrating the start of the NFL season next Thursday. Kilmeade read some of the band’s lyrics (”I’m not part of a redneck agenda”) and grumbled: ”This is the group you have to book to kick off the most popular sport in America?”

      ”Controversy? What controversy? This is reality,” Armstrong says of the band’s new video. ”What I see is that no matter if you’re a conservative or a liberal or whatever side you stand on, this is the reality of the situation — that people’s families and their young kids are being affected.”

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a conservative or a liberal. Sure, Green Day is a liberal leaning band – and it’s quite obvious. BUT, I don’t let my favourite band do my thinking for me. I’m a FREE thinker. I come to my own conclusions, I live my life based on MY choices, and I don’t need anyone else – even Green Day – to tell me what to believe. Just because Green Day’s views and mine don’t match, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy their music. So, once again, they aren’t against ME. They have their own political views and they’re entitled to them. So am I.

      P.S. I’ve MET Green Day. They were very friendly, very open, and welcoming. SOOOO, once again, I must applaud your ability to google lyrics. You’re one step ahead of most of the Obamatrons.

      P.S.S. I’m against Obama because he puts a presentable face on socialism and has brainwashed a LOOOOOOT of people into thinking that the government owes them something.

      It’s also pleasant to witness his approval ratings plummet. Can you explain that one? OH! You don’t have to! The more he talks, the more people become aware of what his intentions are.

  4. September 14, 2009 3:21 pm

    God, that song is awful. Nice debating with you, you crazy guy. I disagree with everything you say – especially the bit where you try to say that my argument makes me racist and mad! I was referring there to a tactic used in the late stages of the American election campagins of using the name ‘Hussein’ to scare Americans in to thinking Obama is a muslim. He’s not by the way:

    Well, anyway, what I meant to say was, although you’re mad, at least you’re not an asshole and you’ve got a sense of humour. That’s not say you’re not right-wing as fuck, paranoid, and completely unaware of the state of things (eg. it was during the Bush adminstration that the recession took hold; Obama can’t reverse that overnight – he’s not God). But, anyway, good chatting.


    • September 14, 2009 3:41 pm

      I love that song! It’s one of my favourites from their newest album. 21 guns is also a good tune – even though I’m pretty sure it’s anti-war. Nobody likes war, but sometimes it’s inevitable. I come from a military family so I have a different take on it than most people in my age group.

      I disagree with most of the things you had to say, and it’s clear that you, being in the UK, have no idea what’s REALLY going on over here in the good ol’ US of A, where I’m witnessing firsthand what damage is being done.

      The tactic that was used during the campaign was dumb. His parents chose his name – he had no say. What’s in a name? I went to school with a boy named Adolph. Didn’t make him a Hitler.

      He came out and said he was Muslim in a speech. I can’t find the video, but it was a speech to another nation I’m sure. His father was a Muslim, and he was born INTO Muslim faith. According to Muslim law – abandoning your Muslim faith or converting to another is the ultimate diss – weather he had a say in it or not. I also don’t think “Reverend Wright” is an adequate preacher for the word of God – and Farrakhan with his Nation of Islam group is just beyond frightening. Those are the people Obama has associated himself with for majority of his adult life – and when they became public knowledge and the citizens SAW what kind of people they were, more than a FEW eyebrows were raised. So, Obama threw them under the bus. It just seems like he has a lot to hide – and if he feels that he needs to hide the things he’s done and the people he’s associated himself with… that there’s a lot more to the whole picture than any of us know.

      I may be mad, but not in the nutty sense. Angry is a better word. Frightened also fits. This is the first time in my adult life that I’ve ever felt that my country is in serious danger. Going bankrupt, socializing medicine, firing CEOs of private companies, private companies being bought out and owned by the government… this isn’t what the constitution of America promised – and a LOT of us are fearful of what’s going to happen. You also have to factor in those independents and “on the fence” liberals that voted for Obama based on his promises – that he failed to carry out. That he has no intention of carrying out. A lot of them feel betrayed, and trust me, we’re not all that far apart in age (I visited your blog), so in my age group I’m kind of a “minority”.

      I’m not saying that Bush is free of blame for the recession we’re in, because he did, in fact sign the first bailout before Obama got into office. Obama has just intensified it. He has spent more than EVERY SINGLE OTHER American president has spend – in wartime and peacetime – COMBINED. That scares most of us. China is starting to become wary – and once we run out of money, it’s gone. You can’t build and maintain an economy, create jobs, and ensure a decent quality of life for the citizens of America if we’re ALL going to be paying this debt for the rest of our lives – and the next generation – and probably the generation after that.

      No, Obama is no God, but the way the biased American media portrayed him for so long has caused a LOT of people to put a LOT of blind faith in him. He’s passed two OTHER “bailouts” or “stimulus packages” since he took over. They (elected officials) promised that if we passed the first one that unemployment would NOT reach 8%. In a LOT of states it’s pushing 15-16%. We haven’t seen unemployment rates like THIS since the great depression.

      I AM right-wing as fuck – and I’ll be the first to admit that, however I’m not paranoid and I’m VERY aware of what’s going on. Bush is gone and I’m done with the “blame Bush” crap. It’s time for BarryO to step up, be a man, and take responsibility for what is his. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s his game now – it’s his turn. It’s sink or swim. If his policies aren’t working – he needs to revise them. If they ARE working, or if they DO come up with something that works for Americans as a whole, when and if they DO come up with policies that don’t stir up as much anger and rage and fear as his past policies – then he’s entitled to the praise. Until then, though, he’s responsible for his actions and decisions. He plays the “blame Bush” game more than anyone else. Bush never blamed Clinton for the things that were left over from HIS administration. Reagan didn’t blame Carter for the things HE inherited.

      Oh, I’m a girl by the way. πŸ˜‰

  5. September 14, 2009 11:14 pm

    Well, Miss Danger B, I don’t think I will ever convince that you are wrong – and vice versa. But, you know what, I’m glad that you are angry. That DOES makes a lot of sense. There is a lot to be angry about, politically. In both of our countries. And I think the young (I count us in that) should be especially angry. But, also retain a sense of humour. And also perspective. Don’t be too worried. There’s a lot of shit going down, but it’s not so bad. At least not for those above the bread-line. Don’t be worried; just be angry.

    Hope to speak to you again, feel free to post on my shitty blog any time,

    • September 15, 2009 12:33 am

      No, you won’t be able to convince me that I’m wrong. Especially since you’re over there in the UK and I’m right here – smack dab in the middle of this chaos and can see firsthand what’s happening. Because people close to me are feeling the damage. Friends, family, doctors, small business owners, liberals, conservatives. They’re all afraid. But more than that – they’re angry.

      πŸ˜‰ No worries. I know that BarryO is temporary, but America will go on – LONG after Barack Obama.

      Hey, what do you think of Daniel Hannan?

  6. September 15, 2009 10:50 am

    Daniel Hannan? Oh… well, the American mainstream media love him, because he is an uber-conservative who has been particularly outspoken against the British system; the US MSM use this to offer a barely-veiled, and completely unsubstantiated critique Obama:

    (In thick yankee accent) “BHO wants to force the British SOCIALIST system on to us, BHO wants to go against the AMERICAN DREAM, to introduce a series of measures THAT WOULD BRING THIS GREAT NATION TO ITS KNEES. But, now, joining us in the studio, we have an INSIDER, a man who KNOWS FIRSTHAND the problems of living under A SOCIALIST STATE. Now tell me Daniel, is it not true that health reforms to help the poor would BRING THIS COUNTRY TO FINANCIAL RUIN, and ERODE OUR GREAT CONSTITUTION?”

    (In a silly-english-twat accent): “Oh yes! Not only that, but next they’ll be moving Congress to Brussels. And, don’t you know, the NHS drown female children, and give disabled kids the lethal injection”

    In other words, Daniel Hannan is a self-promoting toss-pot,an utter liar, and someone who has only become notable in the USA because it serves a right-wing American press to use him to their own ends. In Britain no-one gives a shit about him. This is a country full of tossers – we have no need for one more.



    • September 15, 2009 1:13 pm

      (in a silly uppity British accent – also having not brushed my teeth yet this morning) Cheerio! Absobloodylootely BarryO wants to go against the American Dream! Too bad he’s all over the gaff and can’t get his arse together enough to propose a presentable argument with his mates. He’s not willing to compromise! He wants the full monty – without adequate debate or discussion. He dismisses every argument coming from the “other side” and even with a majority vote in the senate, he can’t convince HIS side to support this Health Care monstrosity.

      So, yes, in other words, BarryO DOES want to force socialism on us. He doesn’t have the votes, his numbers are plummeting and haven’t risen ONCE since they started to fall, he’s losing support from his side and independents, and even elected officials that he was certain would take his side.

      Here in America we love Daniel Hannan. Not only for his conservative beliefs – but for his willingness to stand up and voice his opinion. He’s not one of those “roll over and play dead” politicians – weather one agrees with his political ideas or not. I also think he’s fiscally responsible and wants to put an end to the spending that’s gotten them in the position they’re in now. If America’s leaders would open their eyes and SEE what happens when a country is spent into oblivion – maybe THEN they’d cut it out. The fact remains – BarryO has spent more than every single American president from George Washington to George W. Bush COMBINED.

      It might also be an interesting fact to mention that after seeing the damage BarryO is doing to our country – majority of the people now consider themselves conservative.

      rasmussenreports is the most reliable, unbiased polling report and is often used by the mainstream media – even the “left” tilting sources.

  7. September 15, 2009 10:53 am

    P.s. why do you compare Obama to Hitler in your tags?

    • September 15, 2009 12:55 pm

      I don’t compare them in tags; nothing like “Obama and Hitler” or “Obama is Hitler” – but when I post something Hitler-esque, I tag it as such. But, to humour you, here we go:

      You ever read “Dreams From My Father” and “Mein Kampf”? They were both autobiographies written by Socialst nobodies before they ever came into power. The stories themselves are very similar as far as their beliefs and life happenings. I suggest you read both of them – it doesn’t matter which one you read first… but beware – they’re both incredibly boring.

      Both Hitler and Obama ran VERY similar campaigns. Bumper sticker slogans, mesmerizing crowds, mindless chants, promises of Change and Hope. Both of them campaigned promising to cut down big Businesses and put an end to class struggle. “Level the playing field”. It was all about idealism during the campaign. The youth, both in America and in Germany were very supportive of each. But, young people are usually idealistic and for some reason look for leaders who will “change”. Hitler formed his own “civilian army” – the Brown Shirts. BarryO claims that America also needs a civilian army. Also – they both had campaign logos. Hitler’s being the swastika – Obama’s being that stupid circle with the lines through it.

      Now let’s look at health care. Compare Obama’s “Health care reform” plan(s) with Hitler’s t-4 health care plan. You can look it up and compare them. They both would determine an individual’s worth to society, then handle their medical needs as they see fit. Hitler created “Hereditary Health Courts”, Obama has “death panels”, or “end of life counseling” Hitler’s plan contained “A Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring.” – in the bill(s) currently in senate, abortions would be funded and even recommended in some cases. Babies born with defects, both mentally and physically challenged would be targets. You can look up Hitler’s T-4 plan and read up on it.

      Now, let’s take the term “Nazi”. It originates from the German “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei”. In other words, National Socialist. Obama is a Socialist. It’s no secret – and his policies do nothing but prove it.

      I could go on and on and on, but it’s a start.

  8. September 15, 2009 3:31 pm

    What do you think is the American Dream?

    I don’t think Americans understand the term “socialist” at all in the way Europeans do. For certain Americans “socialism” seems always to be tied to “National Socialism” – Nazism. I don’t much care to talk about such things. I like to keep things good and simple. For example, the question “Do we live in a democracy?” For me, when I try to answer this first of all I say to myself “what is a democracy?” –

    – Freedom from hunger
    – Freedom from fear
    – Freedom from thirst
    – Shelter
    – Access to education
    – Access to medicine
    – Freedom of movement
    – Freedom from violence
    – Freedom from torture and false imprisonment
    – Privacy
    – Freedom of assembly
    – Freedom of opinion
    – Freedom of belief

    There are others, but I’m tired of listing.

    Most important of all – these rights should be universal. A nation is not a democracy in any sense until these rights are avaliable to all – and not just in one nation. A nation that derives its freedom from another’s enslavement is no democracy. A nation that derives its freedom from violence against another is no democracy. If people are starving in Africa to fatten those in America and Europe, well, that should tell you something’s wrong.

    One of the biggest barriers to achieving this is the USA – though it is not the only one, by far. Certainly the USA goes against this vision consistently. I like Obama because it seems to me that he is working in this direction – but I detest Obama because he isn’t doing enough. More that that, though, I detest the conservatives who talk utter bullshit, completely unsubstantiated nonsense – usually in the name of “God”, or “Democracy” or “The American Dream”, or some bastardized historical account – in order to justify a completely undemocratic way of doing things – i.e. the current way, the established way of doing things.

    A clever line I once read described someone thus:

    “His authority grew out of that subterranean realm of judgement which we call morality, the condition of whose success is that its rulings be always shrouded from argument” (Amatav Ghosh, _The Shadow Lines_). That’s a good place to start analysis.

    Your sense of history is selective and distorted. I blame it on your military family. What do you do? Are you in the military? The military mind-fuck everyone. I’ve seen it in action on English friends also. You should get off the blogosphere, too (since it is full of paranoids and conspiracy nuts) and try some analysis starting from the simple questions like: Why are people starving? Why have people not got access to medicine? (And by the way, medicare don’t pay out enough – people are going bankrupt paying for treatment, even whilst recieving medicare support). Why is my country continuing to bomb civilians? Why did we not learn from the genocide that was Vietnam?

    Simplify, anyway. Because the reality is scary as fuck. You don’t need your “Obama is a terrorist-sympathiser”, or “Obama’s health plan is disguised Nazism” conspiracies adding to the mix. There’s already enough drama.

    Oh, and there won’t be ‘death panels’, or forced abortions – don’t be daft. Sarah Palin is a frickin crazy liar, who just wants power. She’s power hungry, and ready to abuse her power at the first opportunity. And she’s so bonkers she probably even believes her own lies. Why would you trust someone who thinks the American Dream is the ability to own a gun, making abortion illegal and stuffing some warped middle-class conservative version of Christianity down peoples’ throats?

    Anyway, that’s my rant over for now.


    • September 15, 2009 4:17 pm

      Well, the American dream is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      The ability to start from NOTHING… and build yourself a life. To work hard, work you way up the ranks, go to school, buy a home, start a family, and live free under a democracy. Now, all of these things require work – and most of the time HARD work, but in the end it’s worth it. How can an individual work hard and earn a living when they want to tax as much as they can from the citizen’s paycheque? We’re going to be paying for this “stimulus” package for generations, and it’s obvious that it hasn’t done any good. Not a single bit. Can you give me any examples?

      Also, let me ask you – what is the UK dream?

      – Freedom from hunger:: Nobody goes hungry here in America. For the poor – there are food drives and donations, there are food stamps, there are a variety of government aid systems set up to make sure that even the POOREST of the poor don’t go hungry.

      – Freedom from fear:: We weren’t fearful as a whole after the attacks of 9/11 since Bush didn’t hesitate to send out the troops. We fought the enemy and eight years later we’ve been safe from harm. Our brave soldiers put their lives at risk to make sure that liberty and freedom ring throughout America AND the rest of the world. There IS, however, a LOT of fear of Obama and his plans for this country. Otherwise his ratings wouldn’t continue to sink. He started out strong – and dropped in ratings WAY faster then Bush did – and he didn’t have any severe attacks or anything to deal with. He also didn’t have a democratic congress that turned it’s back on him. In fact, they do just the opposite. They suck up – build up – and paint BarryO to be some sort of saviour. Our enemies see us as weaker since BarryO hit the scene – and they’ve been MORE than vocal about it.

      – Freedom from thirst:: This falls under the same instance as your first bullet.

      – Shelter:: Even our poor have access to homeless shelters, section 8 housing, and even government assistance to maintain payments on the homes they’re currently residing in. Millions of jobs HAVE been lost since BarryO hit the scene. He promised it wouldn’t go past 8%, but as usual, he lied.

      – Access to education:: Education is available for everyone in America. Even illegal alien children can attend public schools. Colleges offer a variety of grants, loans, and financial aid systems to make sure that everyone that is serious about obtaining a degree has that ability. Check out the Pell Grant.

      – Access to medicine:: This is bogus. I don’t have insurance and I still manage to get medication I need. I get healthcare when I need it, and in extreme cases the E.R.s don’t deny ANYONE medical attention. NOBODY is turned away from E.R.s. Nope, not even illegal aliens. Can’t forget the government systems such as medicare and medicaid. WIC. And a LOT of doctors – if you find the right one – will work on a payment plan if you can’t afford the treatment you need right away.

      – Freedom of movement:: …Freedom of movement? This doesn’t make sense. Anyone in America can move anywhere they want to.

      – Freedom from violence:: Or freedom to protect yourself from violence thanks to our beloved second amendment right. The right to bear arms. You’re in a situation where violence might occur? Bust out that ’38 and kick some ass.

      – Freedom from torture and false imprisonment:: These cases are rare and few and far between. As for the GITMO argument, I say having those dangerous fucks locked up is a good thing. Most of the ones BarryO SYMPATHIZED with – have returned to their terrorist ways and joined back up in their terrorist groups. I also hardly consider waterboarding to be torture. You want to see torture? Spend a month in Afghanistan. Spend a month in IRAQ under the regime of Hussein. BarryO is a terrorist sympathizer because he refuses to CALL terrorists what they are. Terrorists. He wants the term “war on terror” to be expunged from our vocabulary. Why? We are in a war against terror. He sympathizes with the terrorists we had captured – and had obtained valuable information that did, in fact, save TONS of American lives.

      – Privacy:: With the current administration’s health care plan, every citizen will be forced to hand over their bank information, their tax information, and a variety of other personal information. They’ve also tried to get other citizens to rat out those who oppose Obama’s health care plan with the whole ’email us and tell us who’. They want to make information contained in every American citizen’s personal computer available to them – anyone who differs from the admin. of Obama is seen as a ‘threat’. With the cash for clunkers program, every piece of information that is in the computer for the dealership is available for the government to peek at. Personal contact information, friends and family contact info, well – I posted about it here:

      – Freedom of assembly:: Tea parties! March on DC!

      – Freedom of opinion:: You can see I’m very open to this one. That’s what this blog is all about. My opinion mixed with various news sources.

      – Freedom of belief:: I’m a Christian – and am very proud of my faith. Nobody gives anyone any trouble for their faith. Of course, we DO have the separation of Church and State for this very reason.

      Sounds like America is all about democracy! Minus BarryO’s questionable acts of intrusion.

      “Most important of all – these rights should be universal. A nation is not a democracy in any sense until these rights are avaliable to all – and not just in one nation.” Dude, what do you think we were doing in IRAQ? We helped them set up medical facilities, schools, military bases, we helped them overthrow their tyrannical leader – and we’ve helped train their military to prevent any more tyranny. The same thing is the case in Afghanistan. If only BarryO was man enough to believe what YOU say is the truth – we’d be in IRAN giving THEM these freedoms and rights as well. But no, he’s a sissy little contentious objector. He believes that our Allies – Israel, should bend over and do whatever it takes to appease the HAMAS (the government running IRAN – not all Iranians are terrorists. It’s HAMAS – and that’s a common misconception).

      “If people are starving in Africa to fatten those in America and Europe, well, that should tell you something’s wrong.”
      Something’s wrong alright. It’s called their government. Ever wonder why, in just a little over 200 years as a country, America has become the world’s superpower? Spreading liberty and freedom throughout the world? Yet – there are double standards. Some people demand these things, but aren’t willing to fight for it. When America steps in – with the strongest military in the world in an attempt to give freedoms to other nations – all of the pansy ass anti-war, Cindy Sheehan types just start a massive bitchfest. So, it’s one or the other. Live under tyranny – without freedoms, rights, and deomcracy; or fight for it.

      So, now that you’ve contradicted almost every point you attempted to make, what’s next?

      Obama is scary as fuck because he has weakened our military, we look weak in the eyes of our enemies, and even Bin Laden has stated so. Even his butt-buddy Chavez has said he’s weak. Face it; America has a weak leader for the first time in almost 20 years – and it shows.

      Until you read the health care plan, your argument is void. There are, in fact “death panels” but they’re worded in such a way that the average moron won’t see it as such. “Forced abortions” isn’t specifically worded, but if you read it – it sure will be “suggested”. It’s clear that you haven’t read it – so until you do and can cite exactly where in the bill your ideas come from – you have no real room to debate the topic.

      You want to see power hungry? Take a look at Obama. He wants to create a nanny state where every citizen depends on the government. He wants to own private companies, he wants to devalue the dollar, he wants to bankrupt our nation, he wants to slowly strip us of our God given rights – and the rights that are clearly stated in the U.S. constitution. I suggest you read that, too.

      You’ve also got an incredibly warped idea of who Sarah Palin is. How about you do some research and quit letting the TV do your thinking for you. I don’t mean going to various blogs and opinion pieces. Look at her record. Look at her support numbers. Look at the numbers of people that FLOOD to every event she appears at. Americans as a whole LOVE her – but the media didn’t. They saw her as a serious threat to their great and glorious media.

      Come back after you read the bill and the US constitution, and perhaps you’ll have a better idea of what you’re talking about.

      Oh, and why so concerned about the American government? Why not focus on your OWN country? Don’t YOU have a government over there? I’m sure you do.

      Also, since your views of “poor” are also a bit warped:

  9. September 15, 2009 5:21 pm

    Yeh – we have a shit government here. But, your views are a hell of a lot scarier than a lot of the Brits I meet. Most Brits come down somewhere in the apathetic centre, and are on the whole pretty skeptical. Which isn’t to say that they don’t absorb a whole load of shit without question.

    Your every argument is bullshit. Also, perhaps you should properly read the documents you talk about. But, I’m tired of talking now, and as we agreed about 4 posts back, I wouldn’t change your opinion even if I did write a 10,000 word comment with proper references and my own research. Because whenever there are two ways of seeing things, you always seem to opt for the absolutely-crazy option. Unless you’re criticising Obama – then its a mixed bag. I bet there’s a lot of state intrusion in the US, and Obama’s in on it. There certainly is a lot of state intrusion here. But, Bush was well into that shit. Under Bush they’d tap your internet use, kidnap you for looking at something vaguely affiliated with terrorism, and torture you until you agreed you’d been involved with whatever bullshit they sprung on you. (Waterboarding is fucking sick torture, you haven’t a fucking clue if you think it’s not).

    Let me tell you also, the US is not bringing democracy to the East. That is NOT why they are there. And you’re idea that the US Govt should stop being pussies and invade Iran too is twisted. That’s fucking Nazi – world domination. You’ve already got economic domination. You’ve already had a major hand in fucking over Africa (along with the rest of the G8).

    Anyway, I’m getting angry, and I shouldn’t be.

    Let me tell you though, one last thing. Your politics: they’re not very Christian. Not very Christ-like. You’d think Christ was a pussy. “Wha’d he let them damn crucify him, huh? Shou’da cracked open that ’38”.


  10. September 15, 2009 6:31 pm

    LULZ. Apparently I make SOME kind of sense – otherwise you wouldn’t spend so much time trying to ‘debunk’ my American views on American politics from the UK. Oh, the hilarity.

    So, rather than debating with an American about America’s new found shitty government – why don’t you go over to your happy little blog and complain about YOUR government over THERE – and I’ll sit over here in my happy little blog and complain about MY government over here.

    Now, since I’ve proven you wrong and ignorant on the facts as to what’s happening over here, you resort to mindless insults, pretending you know what’s going on in the Middle East as far as America is concerned, and telling me my politics “aren’t Christian” when all I said was that in America we have the right to DEFEND ourselves if we’re ever faced with a violent situation. Tell me where in the Bible it says that one cannot defend themselves if need be. Can you?

    Also, coming from a military family – and as a person who is going to join the military herself, having a father that’s served in the Middle East, a NUMBER of friends who have been, I’m pretty sure I have a better worldly view on the War on Terror than you – sitting over there ranting away on someone’s blog… flapping your gums on a variety of topics that you’re not very informed on – and if you think you’re informed – and properly, you’re wrong. You still haven’t been able to answer me when I ask why Obama’s poll numbers are plummeting, why support is shrinking, and why HE can’t even get “His Party” to vote WITH him on these idiotic health care bills. Hm?

    I never said invade Iran, so quit putting words in my mouth. I said we should be over there helping the citizens, who live under bondage by a worthless government run by HAMAS, a terrorist group, and stand by our allies Israel. Hamas has launched more than a FEW missiles into Israel, and yet we do nothing. How is that helping promote democracy? Rolling over and pretending we don’t see it.

    Also, no – you couldn’t change my mind on politics even if you write a 10,000 word comment because you have yet to use proper reference and research, and have yet to prove me wrong. I do applaud you for your attempts though. I also see that you just can’t get enough of me and my political views. Otherwise, why would you spend so much time over here? Know how much time I spend on democrat blogs & pro-Obama blogs “debating” with the writers there? Zero. I spend zero time on Obamatron blogs. Yet you, you just can’t seem to walk away. It’s hilarious in a way, but sad in a much different way.

    You’re right. You’re getting angry, and you shouldn’t be. I’m not angry. I haven’t been angry at a single thing you’ve said. Know why? Because you haven’t been able to prove me wrong with actual unbiased FACTS, firsthand experience in America as an American citizen witnessing the ‘change’ that’s going on over here, I also doubt YOU have personal experience being a soldier that has served over in the Middle East, and because YOU have… what was the phrase you used… Ah, yes, “shit government” to deal with in your own life. Another reason I haven’t been angry at anything you’ve said is because, you see, when I leave the computer – I have a real life going on. I have things to do, people to see, and places to go. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what some dude from the UK has to say about American politics. I really, truly don’t.

    Oh, and Christ is no pussy. I said Barack Obama is a pussy. He wasn’t sent here to die for our sins – Christ was. This is what happens when the media portrays BarryO as some sort of Messiah. They tend to confuse the two. Poor lost morons.

    Also, under Bush – he would wiretap suspects of terrorism or those with ties to terrorism. BHussein Obama wants to spy on anyone that disagrees with him. Bush got SHIT for that – and sure, it’s wrong I guess, but BarryO does it and all of a sudden the mindless drones don’t have a single problem with it.

    Oh, and waterboarding is NOT torture. We waterboard our own special ops troops in every branch of the military and in certain areas of the CIA as a part of survival training. It’s a psychological “torture” more than a physical “torture”. It prepares the troops for the worst – in case THEY’RE captured. Of course, the extremist terrorists we’re fighting against don’t use dainty forms of torture. As I’ve stated several times before – they torture for days, beat, stab, cut limbs off, disfigure faces, and behead the people they hold captive. But, these are the people you seem to show a lot of sympathy for. Same with BarryO.

    Oooooh I made you say a swear!

    Come back soon! It’s been fun!

  11. witackman permalink
    September 15, 2009 7:30 pm

    I knew you were in the military! It was the only satisfactory explanation.

    You’ve proved nothing except your ignorance. You’re a sucker, and it seems like you’re just gonna get more sucked in.

    You’re certainly self-righteous! But, if you read your own arguments you’ll soon see that you’ve not said even one word that adequately refutes a single thing I’ve said. You’re only defense has been to boast about your own knowledge and to seek to insult mine.

    Fuck your ‘first-hand’ knowledge; that’s your problem. You were brought up a sucker, and you may well die a sucker. You’ve never escaped suckerdom.

    For me you’re an interesting mental case. Blogging is like a tour around a mental asylum. I view you with an anthropologist’s detachment. Well, until I started to get angry, at least. Self-righteous ignorance is such a damaging thing, and it makes me angry.

    Your compatriot F. S. Fitzgerald got it right in his famous analysis: by and large the Americans are a careless people. Not all. But, especially people like you.

    Make sure you don’t get shot or blown up or anything like that, when you’re off fighting your *glorious* war, in the name of *Democracy*. Try not to get involved in killing any women or children, either.

    I know you’ll want the last word, but I won’t be back to read it anyway, so save you… fingertips.

    Adios, peace, and a great big fuck you to Uncle Sam,


    • September 15, 2009 7:45 pm

      Also, I wouldn’t get so mad at your own self-righteous ignorance if I were you. It’s just a waste of your time and energy.

      See ya!

  12. September 15, 2009 7:42 pm

    LULZ. Okay, I’m an American, Military kid, experiencing this train wreck firsthand unfold right before my very eyes, I know people who are getting laid off left and right, I’m seeing unemployment rates skyrocket, the debt increasing to an extent that I’ve never even imagined, and I’m feeling the impact of this backwards administration – yet I’m the one whose ignorant. While YOU sit over there in the UK, with your OWN backwards government – who is also facing fiscal problems, aren’t serving in the US Military, aren’t even an American citizen – yet I’m the one that’s ignorant. Haha. I can’t help but chuckle. And once again, I find you here at my blog (which gets about as many hits a DAY as your blog has gotten in it’s entire existence) time after time – regurgitating the same leftist talking points that the media feeds everyone. Some choose to buy it – some choose to think for themselves.

    It’s not about having the last word, kid. It’s about correcting your UK misconceptions – and hoping to clarify things so that the visitors of my blog don’t see that I just LET someone get away with leaving evidence of their blatant ignorance of American Government and current events in America. I’m just doing my part.

    As always, the leftists resort to lame attacks at previous administrations, name calling, and straw man arguments when they’ve run out of ‘intelligent’ debates and credible points. They also dodge any difficult questions asked by the person they’re debating with – which you’ve done in several comments.

    I wasn’t brought up a sucker; I was brought up an American. Nice try though. Oh, and don’t think that you’re going to hurt my feelings with your petty name calling. You see, I’m a GROWNUP. And I have GROWNUP things to worry about. πŸ™‚ You know, REAL things outside of the blog-o-sphere.

    So, thanks for the fun, kiddo. Also, thanks for proving to me what I’ve known to be the truth about leftists all along: When you run out of arguments, resort to childish behaviour.

    Run along, kiddo. Have a fantastic day! πŸ˜€ I made a liberal angry using facts. Imagine that! /end sarcasm

  13. Fishleg permalink
    September 16, 2009 12:57 pm

    Suckers always call geniuses “suckers”.
    Absolutely delicious.

    • September 16, 2009 4:29 pm

      Yes, it was absolutely delicious “debating” with someone from the UK who knows WAAAAAY more about America and the current events going on here. LULZ. They always resort to the most idiotic “debate tactics” when they’re constantly proven wrong. Notice all of the question dodging?

      I bet he’s still sitting over there bitter as hell about it. Too bad he doesn’t worry about his own lousy government rather than telling an American citizen how their government should be run.


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