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September 8th Hidden Agenda…

September 5, 2009

Tip o’ the hat to FishLeg for this one & Thanks to the folks at CountUsOut for posting it.

<a href="From: CountUsOut

As an observer of the Oba-Hussein Administration strategy and tactics, which increasingly seems to misjudge the minds of the American people and bask in the narcissistic glow of accolades from their core admirers and bought supporters, it occurred to me that the choice of Tuesday September 8th to try to hog the national news scene has much to do with another MAJOR event taking place on that date at 8:00 a.m. in Santa Ana, California.

Federal District Court Judge, David O. Carter, will begin hearing the Obama eligibility case brought by Orly Taitz on behalf of Presidential candidate Alan Keyes and some 200 military clients, who all demand Obama provide valid documentation to prove he is eligible to be President of the USA and also to be Commander in Chief and issue/approve military orders.

President Clinton appointee, Judge Carter, a highly decorated combat Marine, has pledged to prevent procedural ploys to become obstacles to taking the matter to trial. Nor will he reportedly entertain delaying tactics.

As a military/naval officer, he is well aware of the legal challenges facing officers and men who carry our orders that could be or are illegal if the Commander in Chief is not eligible to hold that position.

Specially now that the Obama administration is showing how perfidious it can be in defending the actions of our men trying to defend us and our land with the purely political attacks on the CIA people who did what they had to do to protect us by getting critically needed information.

While a Democrat appointee, Judge Carter, a former Orange County Superior Court judge, is well known for his very measured and even handed handling of cases with the acquired specialty of expertise in handling complex cases.

From personal experience I have seen this assiduous (6 am to 2 am sessions if need be) judge refuse any technicality based argument from either side, including the prosecuting US Attorney office and go with his view of fairness and reality – while giving both sides all the opportunity they needed to make their case.

He recently handled the final aspects of an eight year long case brought by the Federal Government in various venues in the country, against the MEK (Mojaheddin-e Khalgh) an Iranian dissident group, which in reality was the fuel for the so-called Khomeini revolution and allied their Marxist-Islamist, Soviet run, activities to the Mullahs. The latter stole the revolution from the Soviets and later murdered some 30,000 MEK members they had arrested and killed them without trials, while they were in prisons around Iran.

FOX News will reportedly have cameras in the courtroom, which can comfortably seat only about 30 people but the Federal Courthouse has some very capable Technology employees who will certainly be able to pipe audio and video of court proceedings to large jury selection/gathering areas, so several hundred could be added to the on site audience.

The school children event may dilute but not blank out the probably very popular Santa Ana event. Do share this information with friends and colleagues.


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  1. Jim from Naples permalink
    September 8, 2009 4:28 am

    Today, Sept 8, 2009 is a key day for Obama! Today, in US District Court in California, His REAL Kenyan Birth Certificate will be HEARD! Read the Affidavit by Lucas Smith who found and got it here (also he attests to the Kenyan Prime Minister (Obama’s Cousin) who SEALED it from the Public):


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