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July 20, 2009

Bullshit, you lying thief. You fraud. You usurper. You Marxist, socialistic, egocentric sack of shit.
Yeah you, Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama Signs Executive Order Barring Release Of His Birth Certificate
Article: The Freedom Medium

First, we did a story about an Army Major who filed suit regarding his deployment to Afghanistan on the grounds that Obama was not America’s legitimate Commander-In Chief.

World Net Daily thought highly enough of this article to link to it on their front page.

Then we did an article pointing out the differences between a Birth Cerificate and a Certification Of Live Birth.

Some of the biggest names in conservative news have weighed in on this topic, such as Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and numerous others have offered their opinions.

One of the people at the forefront of this issue is Joseph Farah and his staff over at World Net Daily.

They are even running an online petition demanding Obama produce a long-form birth certificate.

Thanks to the alertness of our great friend and loyal supporter Erica, who gave us the heads-up on this. it appears that the issue of Obama being forced to produce a copy of his birth certificate may prove to be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

On January 21st, 2009, his very first day in office, Barack Obama implemented and signed into law Executive Order 13489. [It’s a PDF file]

For those of you who can’t take the time to read it. here is the section that applies:


Notice Of Intent To Disclose Presidential Records

When the Archivist provides notice to the incumbent and former Presidents of his intent to disclose Presidential records pursuant to section 1270.46 of the NARA regulations, the Archivist, using any guidelines providied by the incumbent and former Presidents, shall identify any specific materials, the disclosure of which he believes may raise a substantial question of executive privilege.”

Now for all of you who commented on our previous articles that we were no more that right-wing nut jobs, that this thing about Obama’s birth certificate was a non-issue, and those of you who tried to shift the focus of the stories, doesn’t this strike you as just a little odd?

That the first order of business Obama took care of on day one of his Presidency was to sign off on an Executive Order that states that only the records he chooses to be made public will be released?

This is the subject that was at the absolute top of his agenda?

If this isn’t proof that Obama is hiding something, I don’t know what is.

I don’t either, bro. Some people will always see him with clouded vision. He is half-black, after all… This election IS… historic isn’t it? Yeah it is. In a Hitler kind of way.

I also have a post you can check out about the difference between the bullshit “documents” BHussein has released vs. reliable OFFICIAL FULL FORM documents. You can check it here: “Because some people are just too dumb to understand the difference – hahayouredead

Hahayouredead – post on Orly Taitz & her battle for the truth

Also, just for kicks:

(larger version opens in new window)

(larger version opens in a new window)

(larger version opens in new window)

Obama’s mother was one classy dame, huh?

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  1. steve permalink
    July 20, 2009 1:14 am

    Great post as always! Barack Hussein Obama is a certified weasel!
    He’s hiding the fact that he’s not legally president and I think he’s afraid of being found out. That’s one reason why he’s in such a hurry to shove his agenda down our throats in such haste.

    • July 20, 2009 4:15 am

      Thanks again, my new internet pal. 😉

      I don’t see why the media and investigators aren’t LOOKING INTO this. He’s killing our country. DESTROYING it from the INSIDE. What’s it going to take?! Another Civil War?!

      He knows that the more time average citizens & elected officials on the “other side” have to go OVER his “plans” the more pork and fraud we’ll find.

      Ah well – at least people are starting to see what a lot of us knew from the very beginning.

      I’m DangerB, by the way. Nice to meet you!

  2. steve permalink
    July 20, 2009 1:29 pm

    Right back atcha DangerB! Yeah, Obama knows that the longer it takes to push his agenda through, the more exposure it gets and people aren’t ‘digging’ it!
    Hoping you have a great week!

    • July 21, 2009 7:27 pm

      You can see already how “support” for his idiotic plans are dropping. It’s great to see that elected officials are finally over the shininess of his half-black skin colour and are now focusing on his agenda.

      ZEIG HEIL.

  3. Fishleg permalink
    July 21, 2009 11:26 am

    Nice pics of the usurper’s mommy.An underage girl with jungle fever…nice. I mean, back then what Oborter’s daddy did amounted to statutory rape, yes? Too bad she did not abort Hussein!
    Just sayin…

    Hi FEDS! Fuck you, and may you all get your just rewards. We will not play nice much longer.

    • July 21, 2009 7:29 pm

      lol. You’ve got that right, Fishleg. His mother was an easy lay – and notice she dropped her half-black kid off to be raised by granny and gramps when BarryO’s father abandoned his mutt offspring. No wonder he has psychological issues. It’s a shame his mother wasn’t as supportive of abortion as HE is.

      I guess 47 years is pushing the late term/born alive abortion thing, huh? Is it too late to jam scissors in the back of his head? It’s clear that his mother didn’t want him. His father didn’t want him. His mother DID, after all, keep the child she had with her husband, didn’t she? Why did she keep the other kid and ditch BarryO?

      Because he’s a shitstain – and probably was as a toddler.

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