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Because some people are just too dumb to understand the difference.

June 23, 2009

Those suckers fell for the bullshit, too. They’ll die defending their position – with what they consider “facts”. Which… well, they’re really just regurgitate bullshit cut and pasted from You know – the site run by BHussein and his cronies. Yes, my friends, there IS a difference, and yes – they matter.

What’s the difference?
Compare genuine ‘long-form’ Hawaiian birth certificate with Obama’s online form

Article: WorldNetDaily

Here is an actual Hawaiian birth certificate from 1963 (the same era as Obama’s birth), which while redacted includes detailed information documenting a birth, including the name of the birth hospital
and the attending physician. Beneath it is the short-form “Certification of Live Birth” offered by President Obama as proof of his Hawaiian birth. It is possible to have been born outside of Hawaii and still obtain the latter form, but not the former:

Here is the “Certification of Live Birth” presented by Obama:


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