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SHADOW Government. Hitler Style.

June 20, 2009

We ALL know it was a fraudulent election – and NO, I’m NOT referring to the fraudulent election held in IRAN – I’m talking about the “election” of Barack Hussein. With the help of ACORN, Ayers, Biased media, and the Black Panthers, he stole his way to victory. But that’s just not enough for an egocentric piece of shit like Barack Hussein. Oh, no. He wants to enlist these CZARS who only answer to AND WORK FOR HIM. Adol… I mean Barack Hussein. You didn’t elect these Czars. I didn’t elect these Czars. They are appointed by Barack Hussein himself. They have their hands in our wallets, our cars, our national security, and a variety of OTHER aspects of our lives, and we don’t even know who the fuck they are. We DO, however know what their GOAL is.

Naturally, we’re going to have to go to a CANADIAN press organization to find ANYTHING criticizing Chancellor BHussein. I bring you THIS: (Tip O’the hat, Fishleg!)

Obama Shadow Government Expanding
Article: Canada Free Press

A shadow government has been defined as a “’government-in-waiting’ that remains in waiting with the intention of taking control of a government in response to some event.” With the Obama Shadow Government (which he has staffed and continues to staff with old Soviet-styled “Czars” who are accountable ONLY to him) the “some event” appears to be a series of events that Dictator in Chief Barack Hussein Obama and his followers have created themselves and brought to bear upon the current—traditional—US government. Have any of you heard dissent from anyone in the Democrat-controlled US Congress? We certainly won’t hear any from the now almost completely State-run Obama media.

With his now-over-20 Czars whose sole purpose is to control We-the-People and our currently-being-flushed-down-the-toilets way of life, Obama has almost completed the foundational building of his totalitarian regime. One of Obama’s soon to be instilled (again with NO accountability to Congress or anyone other than the new US dictator) is a “Pay Czar” who will determine what We-the-People (beginning with CEOs and then extending to the proletariat-poor [by Obama-design] working class) are allowed to earn. Big Brother has arrived and he hates all of us—except those who genuflect before him and willingly give him all of their possessions.

Obama’s Totalitarian Czars

Included amongst (but certainly not limited to) the dictator’s czars are a “Health Czar” (who will determine who can and cannot receive medical care—one presumes Conservatives will be SOL) to oversee Dictator Obama’s Universal Healthcare (which will soon after its implementation provide healthcare for few and eventually no one save the Obama Elite), a “Car Czar” (who is 31 years of age and an attorney who has never even run a small business) to determine what cars are allowed to be manufactured in the USA, a “Great Lakes Cleanup Czar” (in saner times the comment to this appointment would be “He has to be kidding!”), a “Cyber Czar” to determine the content of the US Internet—NOT to check on real terrorists—including who may and may not post commentary (Obama’s opposers will soon be banned) and now his “Pay Czar.” The US Constitution is now moot and—via lack of use or importance to the current administration—null and void. In other words, We-the-People no longer—officially—exist.

Tipping point for end of US Republic reached

The “tipping point” that ends the USA’s Republic that many had wondered about has now been reached. Not one of our so-called “leaders” is really even questioning the usurper to the US presidency. Either they don’t care, are afraid of the dictator and his exponentially-increasing power or agree with him that American citizens can no longer be allowed to be in charge of their country and its policies. Oh—and for those of you who still think you can vote Obama and his Commissars out of office in 2010 and 2012 respectively you can forget it. Obama is planning to rule the USA for life. Once his almost absolute power over us has been attained—and with his current speed that will be VERY soon—the Republic will be officially ended. Obama has no plans to relinquish power over the USA and its citizens—ever. He and his cohorts have already—although unofficially—disbanded the US Constitution and rendered it effectively moot. Soon, its end will be official. Leftist judges are now ruling—with increasingly wild abandon—against this Constitution. Judi McLeod and Jean Coutu ask in their recent column “End of Live Free or Die Rally end of free assembly for America?” It strongly appears the answer is “Yes.”

When even Russian columnists see the USA as now being a communist country it remains a mystery as to why so many living in it refuse to admit it. Tragically, it seems that most of these American sheeple will never wake up.

Give me liberty or give me DEATH. (Or maybe give Obama a stroke? A cardiac? Brain Hemorrhage? I’m not picky!)

Wake up you Obamatron DOUCHEBAGS. Or what? Will it take BHussein and his cronies busting into your homes in the middle of the night, snatch you and your family away to be starved, beaten, tortured, and gassed? I hate to say it (Okay Okay, I LOVE to say it.) I. TOLD. YOU. SO. So – when your brand new baby is murdered at the hand of BHussein – I don’t want to hear your fucking sob story. When you or a loved one develops cancer – YOU FUCKING DESERVE it. You voted for this shit, so fucking get the fuck over it, okay?

Yeah, I SAID IT. YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR, YOU FUCKING Obama supporting shitstains. America would be a better place if every Obama voter was …. well…..

I’m not going to say the last part. I’ll let you use your imagination. I’ll give you a hint though – I don’t hope you get a bouquet of roses and a THANK you card. Oh, no.

Oh, and Barack Hussein: COME AND FUCKING GET ME. Why don’t you censor my site already? Your bots are already monitoring it. Whatsamatter little man? Can’t stand a little bit of R Rated criticism from an American Patriot? A young conservative? Well I’m not afraid of you. Don’t think for a MOMENT that you intimidate me.

COME FUCKING GET ME, YOU QUEERBAIT. That is, if you’re not too busy getting sucked off in the back of a limo while doing lines of coke. THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT.

FUCK YOU, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. There are WAY more of us who are willing to DIE for our country, and that is America – not O-merica, than YOU could even understand. Even if your teleprompter gave you the number – your malfunctioning brain wouldn’t be able to compute. You are an idiot, a puppet, and you are temporary.

I’m NOT scared of you. Bring it, cupcake. Oh, and to you Obamatrons: WAKE THE FUCK UP, YOU IDIOTS.

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  1. PETE permalink
    August 10, 2009 11:46 pm

    you cant hurt OBAMA,,, hes the ANTICHRIST,,,,

    • August 11, 2009 12:20 am

      I might not be able to – but he sure is hurting himself.

      Look at his shit-tacular ratings…. already. o_o

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