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June 17, 2009

Well well well. BHussein treats his Muslim brothers to a luxurious new life in Bermuda –

…What’s that? You mean WE’RE PAYING FOR THIS? With our tax dollars? Oh. I see.

Come on, all you Muslim Extremists – BHussein is taking you all out for ICE CREAM!!!

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  1. June 18, 2009 8:51 am

    The United States Government will bear the cost surrounding this relocation and the Government of Bermuda will facilitate documentation, residence and employment.

    As stated in this Royal Gazette article, the U.S. payed to get these men to Bermuda, and Bermuda is paying for their residence, at least until they obtain jobs. So, your outrage is a bit misplaced.
    Also, I am curious why you have a problem with these men being moved to Bermuda; the government has stated that all of the Uyghers are not “enemy combatants”, meaning that they never collaborated with al-Queda or the Taliban, and never plotted against the U.S. or any of it’s allies.

    Cite on the Uyghers not being “enemy combatants””:
    (Warning: second link opens a PDF of the legal brief.)

    • June 18, 2009 2:12 pm

      No no, my friend. My outrage is right where it ought to be. They’re being treated to a vacation in paradise on our dime. America didn’t want them released here – China wants them but THEY didn’t want to GO back because they figured they’d be captured and tortured. Sounds like leaders everywhere else are just a liiiiiiittle smarter than BarryO. Better safe than sorry – unless you’re America and your commander in chief is a gigantic vagina.
      …all four of the Uighurs admitted during their combatant status review tribunals (CSRTs) at Gitmo that they received training in the Taliban’s Afghanistan. And all four of them received this training at an ETIM/TIP terrorist training facility in Tora Bora, a key area once controlled by the Taliban and al Qaeda.

      Three of the four Uighurs transferred to Bermuda also admitted that they had firsthand ties to senior terrorists such as Hassan Mahsum and Abdul Haq – the leaders of the ETIM/TIP. Haq was recently designated an al Qaeda terrorist by the Obama administration’s Treasury Department, which noted that he is also a member of al Qaeda’s elite Shura council. Mahsum was killed in a Taliban and al Qaeda stronghold in northern Pakistan in 2003.

      I don’t want to pay for relocating a bunch of terrorist shitstains – WHO ADMITTED to being trained by al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think they’re squeezing enough money out of us. If BarryO is so concerned about his terrorist brothers – why doesn’t HE foot their bill? Why doesn’t he open up a room in the White House? Why didn’t he get permission from Britain before he decided to release them into their land? They are, after all, our greatest ally. Of course, BarryO has a thing for wiping his ass on our allies. His four terrorist pals allied themselves with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
      The Obama administration put out some seemingly mixed messages on the Uighur transfer, saying that their release to Bermuda would make the US safer, while insisting the government would guard against their travel to the US.

      Oh? He wants them released? But he… restricts their travel to America? Peculiar. So, what is it? Are they NOT a threat… Or ARE they a legit threat? Hm – it’s kind of hard to tell where BarryO stands. Of course, that’s not an unusual thing. I guess it all depends on who he’s talking to at any given moment. At least they’ll have an opportunity to open the first Uighur restaurant in Bermuda – if they were released here BarryO’s anti-capitalist ideas would smash their dreams.

      But the transfer of the Uighurs has been criticized not only by Republican members of Congress but by the governments of the United Kingdom, which owns the territory of Bermuda, and China, which wants the Uighurs returned.

      On Friday, some members of the Bermudan government who said they’d not been informed of the transfer, questioned the wisdom of moving the inmates to the island located 640 miles off North Carolina, saying it could hurt tourism, Bermuda’s chief industry.

      “When an American is watching an ad (for Bermuda) it hits my mind as an American, they saw the level of intense media attention, I say to myself, ‘Hmm, that’s the country that accepted Guantanamo Bay detainees’ … This is a fact, mark my words, tourism will be affected by this,” said Donte Hunt, a deputy party chairman for the United Bermuda Party, the government’s opposition party.

      I know I’m not going to Bermuda any time soon. Unless BarryO wants to use taxdollars to send ME on a vacation to paradise.

      “We’ll take care of protocol later … It’s too late to follow protocol,” he [James] said.

      Hunt said that if terror suspects had moved into his neighborhood, he’d want to have been advised prior to their arrival. He also complained that officials have defended their decision by saying the four Uighurs were “vetted.”

      “What in the world does that mean? Vetted? That’s a loaded word,” Hunt said. “Does vetting mean that these gentlemen have gone through an extensive psychological review? Was there time spent with a psychologist, someone with the means to understand their background, and how they will react in civilized environments?”

      Hunt added that while the Uighurs were declared non-combatants to the U.S. government, “they were combatants by their own admission to the Chinese government. At least one of them said they received training to fight against the Chinese government … By their own admission.


  2. Fishleg permalink
    June 18, 2009 10:24 pm

    Deceptivecommie, how much do they pay you to monitor this site?
    Seriously…I’m askin…

    • June 18, 2009 10:56 pm

      Look, I’m trying to have an informed intellectual debate here, and I would appreciate it if you could just piss off. While we disagree, DangerB and I always try to be civil to each other, and I for one really don’t appreciate your snide comments. If you have something of substance to contribute here, by all means. Otherwise, please keep your ignorance to yourself.
      (DangerB, if I’m out of line here please just say so)

  3. June 19, 2009 12:10 am

    Nah – nothing is ‘out of line’ here. I don’t censor comments of those who don’t agree with me OR those who don’t disagree. Censorship ain’t my bag.

    I’ve never felt the need to, really. Sometimes comments, such as direct threats or spamming, or people whoring around for traffic for their “hip hop” band’s site… I just don’t even let comments like that get posted.

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