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Palin Webathon!

June 16, 2009

We know how much the liberals HATE Palin.

Why is that? Because she’s everything they’re not?
Intelligent, responsible, beautiful, responsible, loving, giving, classy.. (the list goes ON and on)

If you can’t beat her – load her up with frivolous lawsuits and try to bankrupt her!
That’s the liberal mindset, right?

Conservatives for Palin:

Friends, Conservatives, and Ordinary Barbarians

lend me your ears…

As I announced last week on the Tammy Bruce Show, Conservatives4Palin is sponsoring a Webathon to retire the legal debt that Governor Palin amassed while defending herself from frivolous and politically motivated ethics complaints.

To date, all fourteen of these complaints have been dismissed, but in the process of defending herself, Governor Palin amassed over $500,000 in legal debt.

The Alaska Fund Trust is the official Palin legal defense fund. There was limited media attention given to the AFT when it was launched. The attention has tapered off, but Governor Palin’s legal debt is still there and is still accumulating as her enemies have regrouped and are looking for new ways to hit her with more frivolous complaints.

The AFT needs our help.

What use is a grassroots movement if we can’t take a stand and help Governor Palin when she needs us the most?

Conservatives4Palin will sponsor a Webathon from June 15 – 22, 2009, and we encourage all of you to join us and be an active part.

Here’s how it works…

We created the following “Webathon Banner” which we would like people to post prominently on their websites throughout the week:

Notice the Banner’s four simple instructions.

We are asking people to donate to the AFT and then email us to tell us how much they gave.

We will update the Banner daily to reflect the new numbers raised.

Alongside the Webathon Banner, we would like people to post this video announcing the Webathon:

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