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Too bad. Too too bad.

May 25, 2009

Savage Battle In Iraq Targets US House Speaker Pelosi, Leaves 5 Dead
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that dissident US Military Forces operating in Iraq engaged in a “furious and savage” gun battle with American Special Forces Troops guarding one of President Obama’s top political allies, US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [top photo left with Iraqi leaders], who was in Iraq on a surprise visit to coordinate with Iraqi officials the containment of the Kurdish regions of their Nation that have fallen under Israeli control and threaten to bring both Turkish and Iranian troops into Iraq further destabilizing the Middle East.

US propaganda media reports on this battle are reporting that 5 American Soldiers have been killed at their large Iraqi base where Pelosi was holding her meetings in what they are stating is a case of a mentally distressed soldier killing his comrades, but which these reports state was a deliberate attack upon the US House Speaker by these dissident forces and ordered by top US General David McKiernan, who immediately after this attack was relieved of his command by President Obama and replaced by US Special Forces Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal known to be loyal to those forces protecting the new American leader from his formidable Israeli enemies.

What is not known at this time, these reports continue, is what the response to this attack will be from the Iraqi government, who without their help the Americans will be powerless to stop an Israeli attack upon Iran’s nuclear facilities launched from the massive Erbil International Airport that Israel has financed, re-constructed and is currently protecting in Iraq’s Kurdistan region allowing their nuclear equipped fighter aircraft to have immediate access to Iranian airspace.

Though not being reported to the American people by their propaganda media, Iranian artillery and helicopter gunships have begun attacks upon Iraq’s Kurdistan region under a number of secret agreements signed by President Obama that included the releasing of the convicted US spy Roxana Saberi, who holds duel US-Iranian citizenship, and has confessed to being an agent of the CIA, and Obama’s “assurance” that US Forces in Iraq would not retaliate against Iranian forces.

Turkish forces have, also, been viciously engaged in protracted battles against the Iraqi Kurds with their Iranian allies and are continuing their airstrikes against Northern Iraq in order to prevent the Israelis from securing a foothold in a region that all parties agree would plunge our entire World into Total War.

Not being understood by the American people is that Obama has, for the first time since the presidency of John F. Kennedy, launched an all-out assault against the powerful Israeli Lobby that many experts say has corrupted American Foreign Policy and led to their disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and which a new survey by the Boston Review shows over one-third of the American people blame the Jewish people for the current Global financial crisis too.

Especially angering the Israelis was Obama’s ordering his Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller last week to call for the first time in history for Israel’s nuclear weapons to be brought under the control of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and which Iran says that “Israel’s undeclared arsenal of approximately 200 atomic warheads is the only obstacle in the way of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.”

Further crippling those US dissident forces against Obama was Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari revealing this past week that the Taliban were created by the American CIA and Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI), and as these reports further state, has been used to great effect to transform the United States into its present condition of a permanent warlike Nation intent upon Total Global conquest.

To the American people themselves, there remains little evidence that they are aware of the brutal battle being fought in the highest reaches of their elite ruling classes for control of their Nation which is destined to leave tens-of-millions of them dead as the World they once knew ceases to exist, and the tragic reality of the new one they are living in begins to become more evident as each day passes.

It should be remembered, too, that this is not a new phenomena these American people are experiencing as our reports from last centuries European wars document that the Germany peoples, likewise, refused to believe the reports detailing their demise, opting instead to believe only in their propaganda media and government pronouncements as to what was the truth.

Unfortunately though, these Americans are doomed to have to relearn the harsh lessons the Germans under the cruel reign of the Nazis learned long ago, chief among them being, that when all is said and done, to have turned away from those seeking to warn them of the horrors to come was beyond stupid….it is deadly.

Translated from a Spanish article. Lord knows our biased media isn’t going to report this shit. Fuck Nancy Pelosi. Why does she constantly survive botched plastic surgeries? It’s just not right.

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