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You’re not funny and I don’t fear you.

May 10, 2009

BHussein, YOU have absolutely NO tact. NO social graces. How DARE you say something so insulting to Dick Cheney. You, sir had already published TWO books about yourself before ANYONE (outside of the Chicago thug political scene) even knew who the hell you were. YOU are NOBODY. Barack Obama? Fucking WOW. But who ARE you REALLY, Mr. Obama?

Two books, two years of campaigning, endless hours of favourable media coverage, and 100+ days of accidents and fuckups that no one holds you accountable for…So many that I can’t even begin to sort through it and NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS. BECAUSE YOU’RE A PUPPET. YOU are being used as a tool JUST as you use your idiot followers as tools. Political tools.

Dick Cheney is a HERO. A REAL man that has REAL accomplishments under his belt. REAL EXPERIENCE.
HE is a man of good character – which is something NO one can honestly say about you.

Let me tell you one fucking thing, Barack Obama. You do not frighten me. You do not intimidate me. I’m not afraid of you and YOU have NO power over me. Jesus is MY only king – and you are a zit on the ass of society. A FUCKING ZIT.

At least house training a dog is a realistic expectation from you, you worthless waste of semen.
I hope you strongly consider losing your pulse instead of your “cool”.

I didn’t vote for you. I don’t owe you anything – and I will never ask anything from you. I’m a registered “republican” but I am a conservative. I don’t qualify for your a bailout coming from the republican party and all, therefore I should not be held responsible for paying for ANY of it. You said it, idiot. Not me. I am NOT SCARED of you.

Where’s your original Birth Certificate copy? The VAULT copy. We don’t want any counterfeit shit, either. We’re smarter than you think we are. Who were your legal guardians while you were growing up? Marriage and adoption papers from your “Easy Lay” mom and her spouses? What about your school records? Selective Service registration? Oh! A FAKE! College records? Papers? Clients? Thesis? Passports? Harvard records? Articles? How about some medical records? Senate records and schedule? Missing in action, eh?

Sounds like the record of a nobody to me.

Historic. That’s the word, right?

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  1. Fishleg permalink
    May 11, 2009 12:34 am

    Osatan wishes he had one ounce of the manliness his cousin Cheney has.
    He’s historic, all right.This usurper piece of shit has no business in OUR White House.

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