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The double standards of the left.

April 30, 2009

What did madam Perez have to say about THAT?

Hey Perez, you need a fucking BRA. Seriously. Who lit the fuse on HIS tampon?

So, how does Chancellor Obama feel about gay marriage?

Oh, mercy me!

Perez – you’re nothing. Seriously. You’re just a big fat ugly queer. Even if you DID live in one of the states that can’t read and comprehend a basic definition in a dictionary – who the hell would have standards low enough to tap that? I wouldn’t tap Perez’s queer ass with Michelle Obama’s dick. Are you famous because you’re gay? What have you accomplished in your piss poor life? Nothing productive? Oh, wait. I think you might have stirred up some drama between the homosexuals and the straights. Just another form of “divide and conquer”.

Yeah, I said it. You’re a fucking idiot. “Lyyyyyek totallllie i neeed a bra cuz my man titz ar soooo larg.”

Piss off you loser.

Larry King is still alive? O_O PLEASE tell me he’s not still breeding.

So – being open and honest about her feelings on gay marriage based on her religious and conservative values potentially cost Carrie Prejean HER crown, but being a liar and waxing ears like BHussein did didn’t cost him HIS crown when he was asked the SAME question.

You want to see a vile rant? Here’s one for you, PEREZ.

Fuck you you god damned faggot. You’re a fucking cunt. Seriously, you fucking little twat. Why don’t you spend more time caring for your filthy mudflap and exercising your sphincter than you do blogging and calling people who stand BY their values vile dirty names? Get a god damned breast reduction you fucking cockwad. Oh, and here’s one for you: YOU’RE the ugliest queer I’ve ever seen in my life. Did I mention that you need a fucking bra? A FUCKING BRA. You cunt. CUNT CUNT CUNT. You spend more time talking about how GAY you are than BHussein spends reminding us all how BLACK he is wishes he was. I bet you’re a walking sack of STDs. In fact, you’re probably not even GAY. I bet you lost your virginity to a female – but your cock was so small she didn’t even feel it. “Are you in?” “In? I’m DONE, baby” “…”. What sexual orifice on
the human body is smaller and tighter (in most cases) than a vagina? A RECTUM! You’re only gay because your penis is too small to satisfy the needs of a vagina.

Do note: I’m not anti-gay – I believe that marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman. If anyone (especially homosexuals) takes offense to my “vile rant” take it up with Perez Tittybags.

Go suck a lemon.

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