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Fast-track of socialized healthcare imminent!‏

April 28, 2009

This is from Steve Elliott, President

LAST NIGHT, House and Senate Democrats struck a back-room deal
that puts socialized healthcare on the fast track as part of
Obama’s massive, tax-increasing budget.

The budget resolution now moves to the floor of the House and
Senate for final votes that could take place any time in the
next 48 hours.

This back-room deal means Democrats will only need 50 votes
to pass socialized healthcare (not the normal 60 votes),
and any real debate will be stifled.

Sen. Judd Gregg compared the fast-track trickery to “embracing”
Hugo Chavez’ political strong-arming tactics, and added:

“What you’ve essentially got here is negotiations where
one side decides to pick up a gun and load it, and the other
side has the gun pointed at its head.”

+ + We have just a few hours to stop socialized healthcare!

Both the House and the Senate are expected to vote within hours —
most likely to coincide with Obama’s 100th day as a gift to the
leader of the radical shift to socialism.

+ + Fax Congress Now And Say “No” To Fast-Tracking
Socialized Healthcare and the Carbon Tax

We have redirected our FaxFire to target the 12 Senate Democrats
who are on record opposing the fast-track provisions — along
with your two Senators and your Representative.

We must flood these offices with faxes TODAY and
tomorrow. Go here to schedule your faxes for
immediate delivery:

As always, if you would prefer to send your own faxes, please do so!
We provide all the contact information and sample letters for your
convenience at the above link.

call these 12 key Senate Democrats who have opposed fast-tracking
and urge them to oppose the rules trickery in the budget:

Senator Mark Begich 202-224-3004
Senator Robert Casey 202-224-6324
Senator Mary Landrieu 202-224-5824
Senator Max Baucus 202-224-2651
Senator Daniel Inouye 202-224-3934
Senator Mark Pryor 202-224-2353
Senator Amy Klobuchar 202-224-3244
Senator Carl Levin 202-224-6221
Senator Blanche Lincoln 202-224-4843
Senator Robert Byrd 202-224-3954
Senator Evan Bayh 202-224-5623
Senator Ben Nelson 202-223-6551

Again, Democrats know they cannot get 60 votes in the Senate
to pass socialized healthcare, so they are manipulating the
process to require only 50 votes later this year.

A handful of Senate Democrats will decide!

Of course, liberal media are SILENT on this because they are in
bed with the socialists. We could lose the battle for our nation
THIS WEEK if we do not take a stand.


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