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Sometimes…You just get what you give in this world.

April 20, 2009

Someone needs to kiss your fat ass. I don’t think your ego is large enough. I think my I.Q. dropped several points after watching this. o_o The MAINSTREAM Media has NOT helped the Bush admin out – EVER – especially when it came to the war in Iraq. I’d love to kick you in the balls, Garofalo. You’re a fucking moron.

We’ve all seen this, but hang in there. I’m going somewhere with this. I think she’s confusing the word PATRIOT with the word RACIST. What would you call all of the African American patriots I met at the Tea Party I attended? What would that make them? I swear. You’ll get what you deserve one of these days.

What’s that?
uh huh..
The dog did what?
uh huh…
Wow. Turns out – her dog’s a patriot.

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