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April 14, 2009

Bernard Goldberg: Hannity Going Too Far In Obama Attacks
Article: HuffingFUMES Post
…”On last night’s edition of Hannity, the end of the Somali pirate standoff seemed to drive a wedge between the show’s host and one of his frequent guests, conservative commentator and author Bernard Goldberg. Hannity was bent out of shape, it seems, by the way the Obama White House had been “taking credit” for ending the standoff, which is strange because I don’t remember a “Mission Accomplished” banner being hung or any inordinate deal made out of the matter, save brief statements.

Goldberg was apparently of the mind that Hannity was being rather petty, and while he allowed that the media may have made a big deal out of the event, he wasn’t going to criticize the President in this instance. “I don’t want to put Barack Obama on Mount Rushmore for simply being the commander-in-chief, but we have to stop going out of our way to find fault with every single thing he does,” he said.

Hannity would not be moved, because he is apparently of the belief that Politico reporters uncovered the fact that Obama was bound, somehow, by law, to allow the Navy to carry out the mission. As NewsHounds points out, this was a rather bad interpretation of the article..

Sure it was smart for BHussein not to say anything. Every word that comes out of his mouth causes some sort of turbulance in the world. Weather it’s the markets, taxation, the way the rest of the world views us, the value of the dollar. NOT ONCE has anything he said been beneficial to us as a nation. I’m damn tired of hearing our chancellor BHussein campaigning. He’s got the job – now fucking do it.

Barack Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with the brave acts of our Military. Sure, he might be a Chancellor, but he is NO Commander in Chief. BHussein will ONLY take credit for the positive things Americans do. For any rises in the markets? It was Obama. Someone found a cure for cancer? Surely it will be Obama. However, when it’s a topic of controversy or an issue that requires work, education, and decisive action… well, let’s just say there’s a LOT of pizza that needs to be eaten. Oh, and the bad aspects of our society can ALL be traced back to George W. Bush. I forget these things sometimes.

We ALL know the Captain and the Navy Seals were the true heroes in this story.

How did BHussein REALLY feel about the situation? One of our own citizens being held captive by pirates?

Well, let’s just say it wasn’t high on his list of priorities:

“We’re talking about housing right now” – BHussein

*Let’s not forget how his golden touch has damaged the housing markets.

“…Going back a long time and we worked together to CAW CAW CAW CAW BAWKLELALALALALAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….”– Hillary Clinton. Bill’s sloppy seconds.
Did someone crack a joke? I might have missed it. Judging by the way HillBillary was cackling surely she wasn’t commenting on an IMPORTANT, SERIOUS TOPIC such as piracy and Americans being held captive.

What’s that?
Uh huh.
…She was?
Oh, shit. Welp. There you have it, folks. We’re all fucked.
Fucked fucked fucked.

So, based on the clip of BHussein and HillBillary – we can clearly see how much effort, thought, consideration, and decisive action was made by our chancellor and his staff.

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  1. SoylentGreen permalink
    May 8, 2009 8:27 am

    lol hillbillary i haven’t heard that before

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