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Estoy Con Estupido

April 10, 2009

Thanks, Fishleg!

Obama Won’t Receive ASU (Arizona State) Honorary Degree
Too Inexperienced To Qualify!)

Article: Free Republic

“ASU will not award President Barack Obama an honorary degree when he speaks at the commencement ceremony on May 13.

University spokeswoman Sharon Keeler said Tuesday that the University awards honorary degrees to recognize individuals for their work and accomplishments spanning their lifetime.

Because President Obama’s body of work is yet to come, it’s inappropriate to recognize him at this time,” Keeler said.

Previous recipients of honorary degrees from ASU had long-established careers in their fields of work, Keeler said, and they aren’t necessarily affiliated with ASU.

I can haz educashin?

President Michael Crow told the committee that significant contributions to education and society over the course of a person’s career merit consideration for an honorary degree, Patterson said.

“We’re looking for people who have made great accomplishments,” he said. “It’s a recognition to true contribution to society.”

He doesn’t have enough accomplishments to get an honorary degree, but here, be president. Your tie is on crooked. Is that a clip on?

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