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Muslim Cocksucking Fuckwad.

April 4, 2009

“Among Muslim democrats and human rights advocates, utter dejection that the “leader of the Free World” has offered himself as a “subject” of the Saudi monarch; among Islamists, bliss over America’s seeming prostration before Salafist Islam; among international bad actors, assurance that America poses no threat; and among our allies, depression about the new systemic instability of the most dependable superpower in history.”
Abe Greenwald comments on the symbolism.

So this sack of Muslim shit – this lying, deceitful ASSCLOWN will NOT put his hand over his ‘heart’ during the pledge… No. No way. His mammoth sasquatch of a mate won’t curtsy when meeting Her Royal Highness, the Queen (I imagine because her nutsack would have fallen out the side of her ‘panties’ and the world would finally know that she was born with both male and female genetalia)… but he drops down on one knee and BOWS to fucking show respect for his brothers. YOU know what I mean. What a fucking dipshit.

Next time I hear an apology come spewing out of your cockPIE hole it better go something like this “I’m sorry I lied and cheated and sold you out and attempted to ruin your great nation. I’m sorry I was born. I’m sorry I fucked you all hard.”

What a MORON.

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