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President of the world? NEIN.

March 25, 2009

Obama writes global editorial
Article: Washington Times

Obama. See also: Ignoramus

“…”The United States is ready to lead, and we call upon our partners to join us with a sense of urgency and common purpose,” Mr. Obama wrote…”

Our partners that you keep insulting? Sending gifts back… shitty DVDs… Right.

“…Our leadership is grounded in a simple premise: We will act boldly to lift the American economy out of crisis and reform our regulatory structure, and these actions will be strengthened by complementary action abroad…”

No no no. You’re creating the crisis you dipshit. You’re flushing our economy down the crapper.

“…But I also know that we need not choose between a chaotic and unforgiving capitalism and an oppressive government-run economy,” he wrote. “That is a false choice that will not serve our people or any people…”

…I … I can’t…. I just… I can’t.

Read the article at the link I provided. This dillhole makes me vomit with rage.

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