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Michelle Obama. One classy dame.

March 19, 2009

The Dissing of Laura Bush
Article: Wall Street Journal

“…So it was just a little disconcerting the next morning to hear the First Lady explain how she came to this issue during last year’s campaign. “I think I was like most Americans,” she told ABC News. “Pretty oblivious to the life of military families. Sort of taking it for granted.”

Perhaps Mrs. Obama did take these families for granted. Surely, however, it’s extraordinary to suggest that “most Americans” did the same. Certainly not the McCains, the Bidens and the Palins, each of whom had at least one son in uniform. More to the point, the presidential campaign in which she says the issue started “taking shape” for her came nearly seven years into a war that has inspired millions across America to step forward to help our troops.

The informal help includes everyday things such as providing meals or rides for a neighbor or church member whose spouse has been deployed overseas. The Web site lists many of the more formal initiatives, which range from sending CARE packages overseas to helping homefront spouses find jobs. Under the category “military family support,” the Web site provides links to more than 200 programs or organizations.

If the ABC interview was a one-off thing, it would be easy to overlook. But these days the reporting seems to reflect an assumption that if the Obamas haven’t done something, nobody else has, either. Certainly the Washington Post did not challenge the First Lady’s social secretary when she said, “one idea Michelle had was to have an event for military families — here they are sacrificing so much for the country and many of them probably have never been invited to the White House.”

This uncritical reportage does Laura Bush an injustice. In hundreds of ways — picnics on the South Lawn, fund-raising for scholarships for the children of sailors on the USS Texas, unheralded visits with the wounded and families of the fallen, the work she did for military kids under her Helping America’s Youth initiative — Mrs. Bush showed our troops and their loved ones how close they were to her heart…”

“Yea BITCH, an’ what?”

Tacky Michelle Obama & Liberal Media Diss Laura Bush
Article: Gateway Pundit

“…In a recent interview the Far Left wife of the antiwar president was just too impressed with herself for noticing that the military families actually sacrifice for their country here in America.

This is something Michelle Obama picked up on last year during the campaign– seven years into the War on Terror.

Team Obama even went as far as to suggest that military families “had probably have never been invited to the White House…”

Just for kicks – Class vs. Trash:

Laura Bush. Classy.

Michelle Obama. Tacky. [She looks like the 50’s threw up]

Hey MicHELLe, the hamburglar called. He wants his outfit back

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  1. March 9, 2010 6:38 pm

    One Canadians opinion:
    I feel so sorry for the USA, because neither Mic”hell” (intentional) nor Laura are/were great representatives of a 1st Lady. Lauras lack of support and constant griping about things did not enhance her position, nor does Michells mean spirited, evil manner behind the scenes, when she does not get her own way. The public know who and what you are, don’t kid yourself, makeup does not cover it. Pretty much plastic insincere people from what they have shown me so far. Certainly not worth the money they wasted on staff, and the extras we are not told about…including office expenditures….probably another $4 Million or more, etc etc. etc.. Sarah Palin could have done
    much better for the people …in my opinion.

    • March 9, 2010 7:57 pm

      It sure is interesting to hear a Canadian’s point of view. Now for an American’s: I think Laura Bush was a lot better as far as public image goes. She never spoke negatively about our great nation. She knew her role wasn’t a “political” one, but as a wife. We didn’t elect either Laura or MicHELLe into ANY office. They come with the candidate whether we like it or not. Laura Bush was at least VERY classy and proper. MicHELLe is all over the place; and every time she opens her mouth it’s just one hot mess after another. MicHELLe has the largest “hired staff” working for an UNELECTED person in the history of America. I don’t know why she thinks she’s so hot, really. She’s grotesque, uncouth, vile, not very “ladylike”, and cannot get enough facetime.

      I really do applaud Sarah Palin. She’s fiscally conservative, “regular people”, kind, generous, willing to speak to people as if they’re not “below her”, and she LISTENS to the desires and comments of the American people. I met her once; and she was incredibly wonderful. Everything you’d expect her to be. All American; and proud of the nation she lives in. I really hope she gets back into politics. We need her now more than ever.

  2. March 10, 2010 2:48 pm


    Hear! Hear!…only one point about Laura Bush…she never desired to be in the public eye. It was her husband’s ambition that put her there…unlike MRO…it is her ambition to have power…just like Hillary…If I did not know better one would think that they were joined at the hip from birth…both willing to sacrifice any and all to gain and hold power. The difference is MRO can and will have her minions play the race card for her. Poor ol’ Hillary had to settle for Slick Willie the has been “first black president”…whilst MRO can ride the tide of BHO/Lucifer all the way to the bank and beyond! Trust me MRO will be just like Hillary…her stint in the WH will merely feed her need for power.

    • March 10, 2010 10:49 pm

      EXACTLY, JC. Laura Bush knew that *SHE* wasn’t elected to be ANYTHING. Her only “job” was to be a husband to George. She did a damn good job; and she NEVER got out in front of the public trying to tell Americans how to live their lives. She never spoke up against the opposition to her husband. She was just a classy, loving, loyal wife. We didn’t elect her. George and Laura were an item LONG before George ran for president. For MicHELLe and Hillary? It was all about face time and making themselves appear to have some type of power.

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