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Meaner than a raging pit-bull, able to eat two lobsters in a single sitting, more powerful than Barack Hussein….

March 15, 2009

Michelle Obama comic book (Bluewater Productions) (March 13, 2009)

Michelle Obama comic book to be released in April
Article: Chicago Tribune

“She’s not faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Hardly.

But First Lady Michelle Obama is poised to become a superhero next month when a biographical comic book hits the stands.

Chronicling Obama’s path from South Side schoolgirl to White House occupant, the comic is part of the “Female Force” series showcasing powerful female leaders. Issues featuring Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold out immediately upon their release this week.

While the Clinton and Palin comics are already on their second printings, their publisher believes Obama will be an even bigger seller. Distributors have stopped taking orders temporarily while Washington-based Bluewater Productions catches up with the demand.

“I feel like the guy who invented the Furby,” Bluewater President Darren Davis said. “The reaction has been insane.”

The Obama comic, which will be officially released April 25 and will sell for $3.99, shows the first lady growing up in her middle-class South Shore home, attending Princeton and helping her husband become president. In keeping with the upbeat tone of the “Female Force” series, the Obama edition does not mention any controversial speeches or fist bumps.

Obama does not possess any superpowers in the comic, but the cover depicts her in a sleeveless top that highlights the most famous arms in Washington.

The 22-page comic also avoids any illustrations of Malia or Sasha Obama, a decision the publisher made to steer clear of the controversy surrounding the Ty Girlz dolls created in the sisters’ image earlier this year.*

“We wanted to be respectful to all the women in the series,” Davis said. “They’ve really done amazing things in their lives.”

So who the hell is BlueWater Productions anyway? Good question.

What adventures will Michelle Obama face? Tune in next week: Same bat time, same bat channel.

So what if she’s NOT the FIRST woman to have a comic written about her? She IS the first shemale African American in the “Female Force” series.

Caroline Kennedy

Hillary Clinton

Sarah Palin

*’Marvelous Malia’ and ‘Sweet Sasha’ dolls are not the Obama girls, Ty says
Article: Chicago Tribune

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