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Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Chameleon

March 12, 2009

Obama: Economic crisis ‘not as bad as we think’
Article: Breitbart

“… Challenged to provide encouragement as the nation’s “confidence builder in chief,” Obama said Americans shouldn’t be whipsawed by bursts of either bad or good news and he was “highly optimistic” about the long term…”

We all are. Because eventually “long term” will be here.. Your reign of terror will be over – and those of us patriots will be left with the task of repairing all the damage you’ve managed to DO during your “presidency”. If you even make it through your first time, you better not have your money bet on winning a second time. Fool us once – shame on you. Fool us twice?

“…”A smidgen of good news and suddenly everything is doing great. A little bit of bad news and ooohh , we’re down on the dumps,” Obama said. “And I am obviously an object of this constantly varying assessment. I am the object in chief of this varying assessment…”

YOU ARE THE GOD DAMNED REASON THE ECONOMY IS GOING TO HELL. YOU are the MAIN REASON why our country is at stake. YOU ARE THE CAUSE FOR the outcome of your many idiotic “projects”. Fuck you, Barack.

“… “I know that people have made suggestions that we should be ready to do something, but I really would like to see this stimulus package play out,” Pelosi said. “It’s just not something that, right now, is in the cards,” she added later…”

TRANSLATION: “I’d REALLY like to see America FUCKED once this stimulus package plays out. I love power! I only have until 2010 to do all the damage I can, and as Barack as my witness, I will destroy. Destroy.”

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