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Yeah yeah. I don’t want to hear it, Mkay?

March 11, 2009

“And remember ONE thing: Regardless of who the powers that be are, the people that you elect, the people that I elect in office remember you have the fuckin’ power, we’re the fuckin’ leaders, and don’t let these [bastards] dictate your life or try to tell you what to do. Allllriiighhttt.” – Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.

Yeah yeah, I know it was REALLY meant to be Anti-BUSH, but today, my friends, it made me smile.

Yeah. I’m a conservative. Yeah. Green Day is my favourite band. Yeah. I’m bitchin’.

Take that, Brian Kilmeade:

“… ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ originally about the death of Armstrong’s father, has been transformed into something of an antiwar statement, drawing criticism in some circles. Fox TV pundit Brian Kilmeade recently questioned why Green Day should be one of the big-name musical acts celebrating the start of the NFL season next Thursday. Kilmeade read some of the band’s lyrics (“I’m not part of a redneck agenda”) and grumbled: “This is the group you have to book to kick off the most popular sport in America?…”

– Wiener Alert – Wiener Alert – Wiener Alert – Wiener Alert – Wiener Alert – Wiener Alert –

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