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The Globe

March 1, 2009

Here’s the article from THE GLOBE. The Images I provided aren’t the best in quality, but so you can read it, I also typed the article out – which you’ll be able to find below the images. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun!

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FIRST LADY Michelle Obama is in tears over incredible claims in a new shocking tell-all book that the president led a lurid secret life of sex and drugs that possibly led to murder, sources tell GLOBE in a world exclusive.
The stunning charges come in a blockbuster new book just released by Larry Sinclair, who dogged Obama for months during the presidential campaign with his stunning claims that he had sex with the future Commander in Chief.
Sinclair, author of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair – Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?, claims:
– He used cocaine with Obama on at least two occasions.
– The gay choir director of Obama’s church – who was killed – confessed to having an affair with the handsome politician.
– He sent Michelle Obama an express mail letter at the White House warning her about the intimate details in his book.
While the administration has made no official acknowledgment of Sinclair’s outrageous work, sources say that behind the scenes, the White House has been thrown into a frenzy – particularly the new First Lady.
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Despite her brave smiles in public, sources say Michelle is absolutely seething in private over the attack on her husband of 16 years.
“Michelle’s fit to be tied,” one source reveals. “She believes the charges are outrageousm disgusting – and NOT TRUE!”
White House staffers have been ordered to keep quiet about the scandalous book in front of the President’s daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, the insider adds.
Sinclair, a 47 year-old ex-con from Duluth, Minn., admits his personal history of arrests and drug use in the book, where he details his claims in graphic detail.
In shockingly candid language, Sinclair describes performing oral sex on Obama in November 1999 and claims the future leader of the free world got cocaine for them to share.
Sinclair says he met Obama in Chicago on Nov. 6 1999, while in town to attend a friend’s graduation from a Navy training center. He claims a limo driver, who was showing him around the Windy City, introduced him to Obama, then an Illinois state senator.
“After picking me up at the hotel, and on the drive into Chicago, (the driver) made a phone call from his cell phone,” Sinclair writes. “(The driver) informed me that he had a friend who would be perfect for partying and showing me Chicago.”
After being introduced, Sinclair claims he and Obama later shared a few drinks. Sinclair writes he then asked Obama if he could score cocaine. He says Obama told the chauffeur to drive to a location in Chicago so he could buy the drug. “I handed Obama $250 to pay for an eight ball of cocaine,” Sinclair writes. He says that Obama left and later returned with the coke.
“I had made it very clear that I was openly gay,” Sinclair says in his book. “My instincts told me that he was. After snorting the first line, I used my right hand to rub Obama’s leg.”
He describes how he then performed oral sex on Obama while the hunky Democrat smoked crack cocaine.
The next night, Sunday, Nov. 7, 1999, he says Obama turned up at his room at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Gurnee, Ill.
“I invited Barack into the room… and he immediately pulled out cocaine,” Sinclair writes.
He says he again performed oral sex while the charismatic politico smoked the drug.
Sinclair admits he didn’t think about the fling until nearly five years later when he saw Obama on television speaking at the 2004 Democratic convention.
Then three years later, while Obama stumped for President, Sinclair says he contacted the campaign’s office “asking that Barack Obama correct his claims that he has ‘not’ used any drugs ‘since high school.'”
He says he never heard back from anybody in the campaign despite repeated phone calls.
In the book, Sinclair also echoes his sensational claims that Obama is tied to the murder of Donald Young, the gay choir director at the controversial Trinity United Christian Church in Chicago, where the President was a member.
GLOBE reported last year at least one source claims Young, 47, who was shot dead on Dec. 23, 2007, may have been murdered because of “something he knew” about Obama.
“Donald was an openly gay male and by his own admission was involved in an intimate and sexual relationship with Barack Obama for years,” Sinclair claims in the book.
“Donald was killed after having been in communication with me for some four months.
Sinclair insists Young phoned him to find out if he’d told anyone about the church leader’s encounters with Obama.
“Over the course of the next few months, Donald Young confided that Barack Obama himself had asked him to call me,” Sinclair writes.
Sinclair claims Young phoned him again to warn him to “be careful” and later added “You know that Barack and I have been lovers for some time.’ I believed Donald Young and I believe that his death was at the direction of Barack Obama.”
Sinclair’s book is dedicated to the memory of Young, “a man who died for no other reason than to protect the image of Barack Obama.”
Sinclair first made his shocking claims of sex and drug use public in an infamous video, which got more than 600,000 hits.
He later failed a lie detector test over the sex and drugs claims, but has steadfastly disputed the results.
But now publication of his highly anticipated book is certain to cause a firestorm of outrage.
“Michelle Obama hasn’t seen my book yet, but I sent her a detailed description,” Sinclair tells GLOBE.
“I sent my statement to her by USPS express mail. It was accepted after the inauguration, on Jan. 26.” But Sinclair says he’s only been met with stony public silence from the White House.
However, it’s a different story behind closed doors, sources say.
“Michelle gets so angry about this whole thing she breaks down in tears,” a source reveals.
“She can’t understand why someone would say these outrageous things about her husband.”
Political pundits say Sinclair’s allegations are so scandalous the White House can’t afford to ignore them and try to sweep the issue under the carpet.
“Larry Sinclair is going to haunt Obama until he leaves office,” says a source. “Taking the high ground only plays into Sinclair’s hands.”

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  1. stophate permalink
    May 2, 2009 5:05 am

    Globe also claims President Bush is a space alien.

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