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DrudgeReport & stuffs, yo!

February 28, 2009

Yesterday I posted the two articles that Drudge had prematurely moved to the archives. It seems that these articles, and articles similar are posted AFTER business hours. Well, after MOST business hours. Is someone harassing Matt Drudge? Possibly. In fact, I don’t even doubt it. Well – yesterday I also took some screencaps of the DrudgeReport to mark that the second US soldier article had been removed from the frontpage and sent to the archives. I noticed that another article had been sent to the archives as well.

Onto the screencaps:

The SECOND article had been removed.

The article is the second one that’s highlighted, but while looking at this I noticed that another article that I had read earlier that day titled “SHOCK CLAIM: Guantanimo abuse has worsened since Obama…”


Oh, and just for fun.. is it just me or does:





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