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The Governator, the man-child president, and the everlasting debt

February 23, 2009

Republican Governors Step Up Attacks on Obama Economic Policies

Article: Bloomberg

“Republican governors attacked President Barack Obama’s economic policies, warning that the $787 billion stimulus package will saddle states with obligations they can’t afford.

Obama’s “short-term” thinking and deficit spending are “digging yet another hole for ourselves,” said South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, a Republican, on “Fox News Sunday.” He said he may not accept all of the $8 billion in stimulus money designated for his state. Democrats criticized that approach as insensitive…”

So, understanding the importance of working on a realistic budget is now insensitive? Understanding that you can’t SPEND your way out of debt is insensitive? Knowing WHERE to draw the line on porky spending is insensitive. Fuck, just look at California. Arnold Schwarzenegger is already asking for the money that any of the other states turn down. “If you’re not going to eat your dessert, I’ll take it. I’ll have TWO strawberry shortcakes, please!” Hey, Arnold. How about you quit SUCKING at Governor, begging for handouts and FIX your state you moron.


HA. Short term thinking is RIGHT.

Budget? I don’t need no stinkin’ budget.

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