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So how far can he spread his cheeks? Really?

February 15, 2009

Breaking Intelligence Report: Obama to Drop Sanctions On Iran
Article: Gateway Pundit
“…Israelis may have gone to the polls hoping for “Change” but the status quo is all any of the candidates could look forward to whatever the outcome. Defense Minister Ehud Barack, has already glimpsed the future and has warned about what it holds.

Meanwhile, the status quo means continued rocket and missile attacks while international aid pours into the Gaza Strip and bolsters a regime run by Hamas, which is still considered by the United States to be a terrorist organization.

But “Change” is taking place, Barak has intimated, originating not in the Mideast but in Washington, D.C. in the form of a U.S. reconciliation with Iran…

Me? Surprised? Hardly.

Change! Obama to Lift Sanctions Against Syria & May Allow Travel to Cuba
Article: Gateway Pundit

Seriously? Seriously Barack Hussein Obama? Do you REALLY REALLY think this is a good idea?

“Syria has been listed by the State Department as among the State Sponsors of Terrorism since December 29, 1979…”

“…President Barack Obama has decided on a new U.S. ambassador to Syria and is expected to lift sanctions against a nation charged with aiding Al Qaida in Iraq and secretly building a nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance…”

For the first time in 46 years, democrats hope to pass legislation to permit unrestricted travel to Cuba.

“…The “Freedom To Travel to Cuba Act,” which would overturn the 46-year-old US policy strictly limiting travel to the Caribbean island, will be subject to debate after being referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs…”

“I won. I will trump you on that”

One day, his words will be etched in stone (at THIS rate it’ll be a TOMB stone)… He is .. uh… historic? after all.

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