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February 7, 2009

Stimulus could supply illegals with 300,000 jobs
Positions for Americans may go to aliens if current Senate bill passes

Article: WorldNetDaily

“…The stimulus package is intended to help ease the pain of the current recession and restore growth to our economy … If passed, it will be paid for by the American taxpayers and we believe that Congress should do all it can to ensure that American taxpayers are the intended beneficiaries of its efforts.”

“The government has estimated that the $104 billion in new spending should produce as many as 2 million construction jobs. The Center for Immigration Studies claims 15 percent of workers in the construction industry are illegal aliens – and that 300,000 positions are likely to be filled by noncitizens…

What the FUCK. This “Stimulus” package is SUPPOSED to stimulate the AMERICAN economy. To provide jobs for AMERICAN CITIZENS. NOT to provide jobs for illegal aliens to send back to Mexico to stimulate the MEXICAN economy. You. Fucking. IDIOT.

Well. At least Robert Reich Gave us a heads up.

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