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Oh no she di’in’

February 5, 2009

AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image
Article: BreitBart
“On buttons, posters and Web sites, the image was everywhere during last year’s presidential campaign: A pensive Barack Obama looking upward, as if to the future, splashed in a Warholesque red, white and blue and underlined with the caption HOPE.

Designed by Shepard Fairey, a Los-Angeles based street artist, the image has led to sales of hundreds of thousands of posters and stickers, has become so much in demand that copies signed by Fairey have been purchased for thousands of dollars on eBay.

The image, Fairey has acknowledged, is based on an Associated Press photograph, taken in April 2006 by Manny Garcia on assignment for the AP at the National Press Club in Washington.

The AP says it owns the copyright, and wants credit and compensation. Fairey disagrees…”

The photo vs the “art”. (from BreitBart)

So, you all know those “Bush TURD flags” that were oh so popular by angry little teenagers?

They printed out the image (or ordered them, I have no idea) and they were to be put on sticks and stuck into a pile of dogshit whenever you passed a load…
By the same logic the AP is using – the original photographer that took the photo the ‘stencil-esque’ image was created from would also own the copyright to the image.

It’s not like the image was directly ripped off. They were printing off and selling 8×10 copies of them for obscene profit.

Sillies. It’s called fair use! Wikipedia: Fair Use

Sounds like a whizzed off bitter little AP temp hire photographer wants his cut of the capitalizing of Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, what would the Obamatrons think if the Republicans/Conservatives came up with a little “flag” of disrespect of our own?

You know… It could look a little something like this:

I think the pink is a nice touch. He’s not the manliest person to ever sit in the oval office. (I think Hillary is, to be honest with you)

I know I know “But DangerB, where would we STICK these Obama flags?” Well, I’ll tell ya.

On the graves of babies, of course. Obama LOVES his dead babies.
It’s a well known fact. Don’t deny it.


Well, my friends – here is your own Obama Flag to print out & do with what you please.

OH no she di’in’.

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