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January 29, 2009

I can’t say that I’ve been proud of our republican representatives here lately, but today … today is different. Today every one of our republican representatives in the house stood up for what is right. EVERY one of them (along with eleven or twelve democrats) voted AGAINST Barack Hussein Obama’s moronic “stimulus package”. Needless to say – it ended up passing, but this time… This time, my friends every ounce of blame can be placed at the feet of the democrats. The republicans (EVEN the rinos and that handful of democrats) FINALLY stood up for what’s right. What’s right isn’t always what’s EASY – but the whole world is watching. Nine days into his presidency and I can’t think of ONE thing he’s done that will be beneficial to the American citizens. 819 Billion dollars in PORK stimulus – which has been outed by several sources as a liberal way of saying “BUDGET”. Which is an insane amount of money. Money that WE DON’T HAVE.

So – to all of our republican representatives – THIS is your chance. YOUR chance to make GOOD decisions. YOUR chance to keep your hands clean from this Barack Hussein Obama mess. PROVE you have spines and DON’T vote for every piece of crap the democrats put in front of you.

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