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Gas 01.23.09:OBAMA won – and don’t you forget it. FOOLS.

January 24, 2009

An interesting note: National Gasoline Averages – according to the little widget on the left – was at $1.99 a gallon THIS MORNING. I log in a little later in the day – and not at ALL to my surprise I noticed that it NOW says the average price of gasoline is $2.12. Where I live gas now costs $1.75 a gallon. Here it is – twelve days after I posted my first entry about gas prices and wanting to track the prices during this horrifying ‘presidency’ and the cost of gasoline a gallon ON NATIONAL AVERAGE has gone up eleven cents. Sure it might not seem like a “lot”, but just you wait. JUST you wait. THIS is just in a twelve day time period.

Look Obama – YOU aren’t off to a great start. NOT at all. Your fanbase is starting to realize that your campaign was full of false promises (I like to call it BULLSHIT). I understand that sometimes you have to say or do whatever it takes to get you into the MOST IMPORTANT JOB in AMERICA. AND YES, Obama. IT IS a job. YOU are working for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. NOT the liberals alone. Not African Americans alone. NOT ONLY ‘MINORITIES’. No, sir. YOU work for AMERICANS. LIBERAL, CONSERVATIVE, MINORITIES, UPPER CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS, LOWER CLASS. YOU can’t pick and choose WHO you want to cater to – NO. YOU. WORK. FOR. US. (weather we like it or not) YOU ARE a representative of the CITIZENS of America. NOT the dictator/king of America.

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