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The Rug, The Rag, and The Hocake!

January 13, 2009

“I just love that rug.” – Bill Clinton
Article: Breitbart

Article: Telegraph

Now the interns won’t be needing those hideous KNEE PADS

Oh Bill. Gotta love him.

If I had ten minutes with George Bush… I would have to let him know that although I didn’t agree with him on EVERY aspect of politics… One thing I am thankful for is how safe I’ve felt since the attacks on 9/11. Sure, it’s not as fresh in everyone’s memory, and the shininess of Barack Obama has only clouded the visions that will forever be etched in history. A shininess that won’t take very long to dull. Especially when the people that were PROMISED things that they will never see… selfish things that got a fraud into office. He’s had to endure a severely vicious and biased media, the angst and rage from “My Generation”, A two-faced congress that turned their backs on him when WE ALL needed them the most. Yet.. he carried on. He did what he had to do to make sure the WORLD saw that America is not a nation of sissies. We don’t take crap from terrorists and we certainly won’t go down without a fight. I thank God EVERY day that I walk out my front door and don’t have to worry about seeing such a horrifying sight AGAIN. Not on our own soil.

Well – so I thought. According to Joe the Biden we have what… six months? 9_9

Natalie Dylan, 22, is auctioning off her virginity to fund her master’s degree:
Article: Telegraph

“It’s shocking that men will pay so much for someone’s virginity, which isn’t even prized so highly anymore.”

…well, I guess she’s got a point!

Oh, and here’s something fun: When you type out the words “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” only ONE of those words doesn’t show up as a typo in the FIREFOX spell check! I’ll give you a hint which one it is: It’s not Barack or Obama.

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